​SF Giants Rumors: Michael Morse Is Your Newest Giant​

Image used under Creative Commons from Keith Allison

Image used under Creative Commons from Keith Allison

While most of us on the West Coast were trying to talk ourselves into getting out of our warm comfy beds since it was a cold morning in the bay area; the San Francisco Giants were busy agreeing to terms with outfielder Michael Morse to fill their hole in left field. Word on the street is it’s a one-year deal ($5 million with incentives). This means outfielder Gregor Blanco is now the fourth outfielder. This isn’t a platoon position anymore. With that said, Blanco will still be used as a late inning defensive replacement if the Giants have a lead.

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com says the Giants had to pledge Morse an everyday role to sign him. Morse had other teams interested and had a higher offer on the table from the Houston Astros, so I’m sure he wasn’t interested in a platoon role. 
“Big, big thunder,” An AL scout texted me shortly after the deal was announced. “Between he and Pence, (batting practice) will be an electric show.”
Morse will likely be in the five or six spot in the Giants batting order to start the season. After that, it all depends on how he’s swinging the bat. In 2011, Morse hit 31 homers with a .303 average, while driving in 95 runs for the Washington Nationals. In five career games at AT&T Park, Morse is hitting .316 with 1 homer and 4 RBI. Now tell me your thoughts on Morse as the Giants new left fielder in 2014?
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~Steven Robles
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  • terry says:

    we’ll take it and hope he adjusts to the big ballpark!

  • Anthony says:

    According to Baseball Reference dot com using his career stats he averages over 162 games:

    23 hrs; 77 rbi’s; 281 avg. Ummm YES!

    2013 wasn’t a good year for him. It seems either he likes Washington a lot or he just needs more at bats.

    Even if he hits just 13 homers he’s still an improvement over Blanco offensively.

  • fast freddie says:

    I am totally thrilled…a full time power hitter in left for us…I am not fully content as I felt we got have gotten more…time will tell …but for now YAHOO !!!!

  • Bill Taylor says:

    Everything sounds great — but can he save a perfect game with an outstanding catch? Whatever happens with Blanco — he made history that day and Giants fans will NEVER forget!

  • Mr B says:

    He is not strong on his defense but his offense is very good when healthy not a bad signing. I think anybody with better numbers than Blanco will be a huge improvement since we ranked last in MLB from a power standpoint with only 5 home runs last year from the Left field position.

  • Michael Morse may be a ho-hum addition to the average Giants fan, but to me, he is exciting! Well, of course it’s because I love HR’s and he is a HR hitter! So here is my prediction.

    I think Mike Morse will become the 1st right handed hitter to ever hit a splash hit HR un McCovey Cove. We have had 91 splash hit HR’s by both teams (63 by Giants of which 35 where hit by Barry Bonds) since AT&T park opened in 2000 and all have been hit by left handed hitters. Eventually, a RH hitter will reach the Cove on a fly and I think Mike Morse may be that hitter. While he can hit to all fields, he does hit a fair amount to right field. If he does, it will become the rarest of splash hits. The RH splash! Now there are other players with potential like Puig of the Dodgers and Pence of the Giants, but I’m betting on Morse.

    I use statistics to study where all the top HR hitters coming to AT&T Park have hit their HR’s during their career and that’s where I position my kayak when they are at bat. Most kayak fans think the shortest distance to the Cove is the best place to be, but stats say otherwise. You want to be where the player has hit them in their career and most players do not have as much power straight down the line.

    Here are all Morse’s 2012 HR’s shown in a scattergram and I have overlaid the HR boundaries of AT&T Park on this graph so you can see where he can hit them!

    Good luck to Michael Morse! May you hit some bombs. I will be waiting in the Cove with my buddies for one of them!