Andruw Jones: Put Barry Bonds in Cooperstown!

Courtesy of TMZ Sports

Andruw Jones

Cut the crap and put Barry Bonds in Cooperstown already … so says possible future Hall of Famer Andruw Jones.

Same goes for Pete Rose and Roger Clemens.

Jones doesn’t seem to care about the allegations against the 3 Cooperstown outcasts — what they did ON the field is enough for him.

By the way, Jones is a possible Hall of Fame candidate in 2018 (there’s a LOT of debate about him) … so we asked how he felt about a potential enshrinement.

True Jones’ number fell off after he turned 30 … but dude was a 10 time Gold Glove winner, a 5 time All-Star and hit over 400 home runs.

Plus, he was never busted for PEDs.

Not a bad resume.

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