Barry Zito Public Enemy No. 75

Zito SigningThe roller coaster ride known as Barry Zito has reached the top of its last peak, and we’re on the final descent in San Francisco. Zito had been sent to the bullpen prior to the Rays Series this past weekend in Florida.


Bruce Bochy made the announcement mid-week that Zito would not be making his scheduled start against the Rays on Sunday.  Zito essentially will finish the year in the pen and likely will never receive another start as a member of the San Francisco Giants


This move comes with little to no surprise to most, Zito is a shell of 2012, in fact he is a broken shell of 2012. Zito is winless on the road this year, seemingly has lost touch with his consistency, and now has lost touch with his job. 


Zito’s contract is essentially off the books next year with a team buyout option ($7 million) that will make him a free agent after this season, but is it time to cut him loose now? Designate him for assignment and see if another team claims Zeets for the playoff run. 


My answer to this question is NO. You keep Zito around; you let him ride out his 2012 success. Without Zito we do not have our second parade in San Francisco. We also do not get past St. Louis in the NLCS or Cincinnati in the Divisional series.  He’s a defending champion and has the right to play out that title for the rest of this season. 


For fans the dismay of seeing 75 take the ball on the mound is nothing new, since he signed his deal with the Giants he has been lackluster and in ways pathetic at best. The thing is this guy doesn’t miss starts, he gives his best effort, and he puts in the work that fans should respect.  He hasn’t quit on the team even when everyone seems to have quit on him. 


Zito will take his role in the pen and will make the best of it. He will tip his hat to the fans and he’ll play out this year, pride will not consume Zito. He has seemingly been on the doorstep of doom for years, under the knife when it comes to the fans but he comes back and has won us over time after time. 


The Zito experiment ends this year, so let’s ride it out. We’ve survived the Zito era and we’re ready to move on. Let him ride the wave of this season (since the giants won’t allow him to ride the waves in SF Bay). Then when it’s time, give Zito his final ovation at home, thank him for the highs points, let the lows go and move on. 


Zito might not be the ace we wanted when he signed. He never lived up to the contract but whether you agree or not, he justified his contract last year being the pitcher we needed and wanted in the stretch run when the Giants needed him most. 


With that being said, thank you Barry… It has been a roller coaster we are glad is over, but we are going to enjoy the ride. Only one team can call themselves defending champs and without Zito, that team would not be wearing the Orange and Black and call San Francisco home. 


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~Greg Boehl



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  • Paul Moore says:

    Sure we all like Barry…true without him it no World Championship. But feel not bad for him as he sits in the Bull Pen knowing he is going to get another 7 mill. Heck I would lay down in the pen, rake it and grow grass and feed the bulls for only 1 mill.

  • Ray Garcia says:

    Man, there have been MANY days in the last 7 years when I’ve been so disappointed with him that I have cursed his name profusely. It’s easy to do with the size and length of his contract. His time in Oakland was special, and he was a joy to watch. Those days were relived a lot last season, and he was HUGE for the Giants when they needed him most. He made up for the previous years of futility. This year, he has completely lost his rhythm, and it has become painful to watch him and the entire team struggle.

    I still respect Zito the man. He’s a great person. I wish him the best in the future. And I look forward to the 2014 Giants team, which should definitely have a stronger starting staff.

  • John C. says:

    I agree 100% I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo Mr. Boehl

  • Alan Amark says:

    We don’t owe Barry Zito anything except an a$$load of money. He was great last year, but he sucked for the rest of his huge contract. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but we don’t owe him a thing. Why would he even want to stay? He is only going to mop up if that? Wouldn’t you rather play for another team that might actually want you?

  • Steverino says:

    Greg — this is one of your best ever posts. Perhaps the best ever. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

    I’ve wondered the past few years if the Giants made a huge mistake in not letting BZ surf. The constant paddling strengthens and keeps flexible a large area of your torso, something that may not be easily duplicated in the gym. Add the mental relaxation of the activity as a whole. I would not be the least bit surprised if BZ spent the winter surfing and came back with success for another team next season.

  • KarlM says:

    Amen, Steverino! I questioned the surfing ban from Day 1: it messed with a formula that earned Barry a monster contract. Speaking of which, he would have gotten one from another team if he hadn’t signed with us; and I cheered when he did. No question, he’s bordered on terrible too many times since, but man-o-man, all was forgiven by me after last year’s incredible run. I wish him nothing but the best from here on!