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I go on vacation and come back to the San Francisco Giants being in a BIG TIME FUNK! They went 3-7 in this homestand, and have lost 3-consecutive home series for the first time since May 12 – June 18, 2008.
The Giants have 19 consecutive solo homers. That matches the record set by the 1914 Phillies. That’s just 1 RBI per homer. I’m sure if we can get some guys on base these homers could help spark our offense…
Carlos Beltran (strained wrist) is listed as day-to-day, and will likely be in the Giants lineup Friday against the Marlins. Beltran has sat out 3 games in a row so far. Let’s hope we can get him back out on the field, so we can hope his bat can spark something or maybe run into a 2-run homer to stop that 19 solo homer streak!

Since the All Star Break (Stats – Prior to today’s game) – Giants have scored the fewest runs in the Majors (73 R – 2.92 Runs a game). They also have the lowest AVG W/RISP since the All Star Break (.189)

Today was the 60th sellout for the Giants this year, and that just means more and more people to see the slumping Giants live at the ballpark.

I’m sure these Giants are happy to be on the road, maybe that’s what the doctor ordered to get them out of their funk!

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Lunchbox says:

    This team is being exposed for what it truly is: a below-average offense with a great pitching staff. They’ve had breaks go their way, and have succeeded in tight games. But because they have a terrible offense, they can’t keep up with other teams who score more than 3 runs against them.

    Their pitching can only be great to be near perfect to a certain extent. Their offense needs to support this staff, and its frustrating when you see hitters who don’t deserve the starting staff and bullpen that the Giants have this season.

  • Anthony says:

    You have to wonder if the team chemistry was messed up with some of the trades.
    Kellinger wsa a good aquisition but his glove is suspect and then getting the new shortstop Cabrera makes the Giants different up the middle.
    Crawford kept the infield stable despite his hitting woes and Cabrera does not hit significantly better. His age shows which makes me miss Crawford all the more at short.
    Huff is not a first baseman and it shows during this slump. It’s no coincedence the defense being suspect and the Giants losing games.
    Also moving Schierholtz to left has not looked good. He’s golden in right. Beltran should have been moved to left whether he wanted to or not.
    It’s a different team now with different chemistry and they aren’t gelling.