Brian Wilson: Hate Him Now, But Love Him Forever

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  • 1 August, 2013
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Saved- BrianWilsonFormer San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, signed a Minor League deal this past Tuesday (July, 30) with the Rival Dodgers.

This had all the Social Media outlets going crazy, people wishing bad things on Wilson (myself included, before I took a step back) hoping that his career ends before it starts back up etc.  I didn’t think much of this, people are upset and rightfully so, he crossed enemy lines and signed with the enemy.

Burning Wilson jerseys, wishing injury and social media outcry is the buzz right now, but how far is too far?

I myself am a much invested Giants fan, more Orange and Black in my closet than anything else in my wardrobe.  In this collection is my road grey Wilson jersey. As I look at this jersey, and the corresponding pictures of Wilson in the Dodger blue it does suck but then I do the adult thing and reminisce about the good times.

That image in 2010 of Wilson striking out Ryan Howard in the NLCS, then Nelson Cruz in the 2010 World Series, the salute to his late father as catcher Buster Posey rushes the mound, and oddly enough a smile hits my face. Without Wilson we do not win a ring in 2010, and quite frankly without Wilson in the dugout in 2012, we don’t win again.

In fact the only ones we should be mad at with this signing is the Giants front office.  They didn’t resign Wilson in the offseason, and for good reason, $6 million is a lot for a pitcher coming off a second Tommy John Surgery. They have seen him throw many times, and have been in constant contact all season with his progress. They seen Wilson throw recently before his tryout for all to watch and yet still didn’t resign him.

I am not saying they should have, who knows what pitcher we could have had on the field and who knows what the Dodgers are going to get. Many Giants have come and gone, many of which have gone to the Dodgers and they aren’t all hated.

Keep in mind this is baseball is a business. Players want to win and Wilson has tasted victory. He has two rings in three years, so why not come back to a contender? Wilson said the Giants didn’t offer him a contract, and the Dodgers were the only team that wanted him.

It will be for 2 months tops. The Dodgers obviously aren’t short on cash, and I expect them to go out and get a big name closer who hasn’t had 2 Tommy John Surgery’s and the price I’m sure won’t be an issue.  Who knows, maybe he shows he still has it, maybe he isn’t the same B-Weezy, but isn’t a good Wilson better than no Wilson?

Let’s fast forward, Wilson comes back to San Francisco Next year, do you still hate the guy? No. Your fake beards will be on your face, the fear will be back in AT&T Park and we will forget this ever happened (or at least block it out).

He’s the one we all will love to hate, it will take some pain out of the season we are having. The torture is at an all-time high and we could quite frankly use a distraction beyond yesterday’s trade deadline.

Am I going to boo him out of the stadium? You’re damn right I am! But am I going to continue to wish bad things toward him? No. Until then do not wish injury just wish a flat slider, a slow fastball and many-many Dodger losses.

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~Greg Boehl


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