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Q&A With Pablo Sandoval

Posted on January 19th, 2011 by admin in Q&A
Sandoval-WeightsIt’s been a busy week with all the latest San Francisco Giants news. SF Giants Rumors was able to get an Exclusive Pablo Sandoval Video, and now we want to put the icing on the cake!
Giants slugger Pablo Sandoval has also taken time between workouts to do a short Q&A with SF Giants Rumors.
SF Giants Rumors: Who was your favorite baseball player as a kid growing up?
Pablo: Omar Vizquel
SF Giants Rumors: What kind of music is on your iPod?
Pablo: Reggaeton and Hip hop
SF Giants Rumors: Other than AT&T Park, what is your favorite stadium to play in?
Pablo: Arizona
SF Giants Rumors: What’s your typical offseason day like?
Pablo: Workout, if I am on an off day I like to go to the beach.
SF Giants Rumors: If you weren’t a baseball player. What would you be doing?
Pablo: I would be a lawyer.
SF Giants Rumors: Do you have any personal goals for this upcoming season?
Pablo: Win the World Series and post numbers like .300/30/100
SF Giants Rumors: Is there any teams that you follow as a fan in other sports?
Pablo: Miami Heat and Kerri Walsh’s beach volleyball team.
SF Giants Rumors: Any message you want to send to Giants fans?
Pablo: A New Panda will be back to help his team win another World Series in 2011.
This was just a short Q&A with Pablo, so fans can get to know a little more about the Kung Fu Panda. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions for all the Giants fans. We look forward to more Q&A’s, and SF Giants Rumors would like to wish you the best of luck on this up coming season!
~King of Cali

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Q&A With

Posted on June 25th, 2010 by admin in Q&A

  Giants Spring Baseball

For those of you that have seen the website I thought I would try to give Giants fans a little more insight on the man behind the site. He’s 23 year old Eric Shackelford who was born in southern California and parents are actually Dodger fans. Eric lived down south for his first 3 years. He became a Junior Giants member and the rest is history! Eric decided to start a site online cause there is a lot of Giants fans online with opinions so it makes talking Giants a lot more fun.

Eric says “I just don’t get our front office, and that’s why I’m here. To represent an entire nation of fans who are tired of this management and I hope others choose to engage with me or continue preaching the truth!”.

King: The first question I must ask you about is your parents being Dodger fans. You must have a really bad relationship with them right?  

Eric: I burned down our house when I was four years old. Hah, but seriously, I remember going through a closet one day and seeing a stuffed bear with Dodgers gear on. I took it out front and ripped it’s head off and threw it away. They are good people, just a little misdirected when it comes to sports (I was born in Ventura so I guess they felt obligated to like the pathetic Dodgers).

King: What is your favorite Giants memory?

Eric: Oh man, that’s a tough one. I’ll have to say the 1997 Giants vs. Dodgers. Giants were a game back with 9 to play. The game was so intense and back-and-forth, then Rod Beck takes the mound in the 10th inning with the bases loaded and no one out. He gets a strike out then a home-to-first double play. Then the 12th inning… Brian Johnson’s walk off. I remember running up and down the stairs screaming as loud as I could. Giants won the West that year. Good times..

King: Who’s your two favorite past & present Giants players and why?  

Eric: Currently I am a huge fan of Brian Wilson. He is the carbon copy of what a closer should be. Cocky, Mohawk, tattoos, hilarious and a flame-thrower. He will be on par with Rod Beck when it’s all said and done. The attitude of this guy is amazing. I’ve always liked closers, from Beck to Rob Nen to Joe Nathan now Weez. Pretty good following.

Past – The obvious answers would be Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal etc. I am 23 years old and I grew up watching Barry Bonds. Go past the steroid drama because that was the era (as seen in the inflation of stats), you can’t take away the mystique and raw talent that man had. He transcended the team and made McCovey Cove what it is. I can’t say enough about him, I remember going to the Stick (Candlestick Park) and being in awe of every single at-bat. He is the home run champion and I was able to witness it — That’s pretty cool.

King: Do you think Barry Bonds will be voted into the Hall of Fame, or do you think he will be on the blacklist?

Eric: I don’t see it happening right now, but in about 10 years there may be a chance. Think about it, if you don’t let Bonds in you can’t let guys like Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire in either. They did the same thing and I don’t know exactly how those voters will feel in 10 years, but right now there is no chance. Pete Rose was never forgiven, and if you leave names like this off the ballot then I think baseball would have committed a huge mistake. I guarantee you at least 75% of players did it for quite some time, it’s sad, but it was part of the game. That’s just my opinion, though.  

King: What was your initial reaction when you heard Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean were coming back in 2010?

Eric: I rolled my eyes. I knew it was going to happen so I wasn’t too surprised. Where Sabes is Bochy will soon follow — the two are attached at the hip. On any other team if a GM doesn’t produce a World Series title in 10 years max they are gone, yet Sabean keeps hanging around which is pretty disgusting. I think Magowan and Baer are stuck on the fact that he took the team to the Series in ‘02 (with Bonds) and that he has the ability to take them there again. They have goggles on, they have to.

King: Since you think Sabean isn’t doing a great job as the GM. If you had his job. Who would you pursue at the trading deadline, and who would you part with to make that trade happen?

Eric: Prince Fielder. This would be the smartest. Or even Adrian Gonzalez. Then Posey can catch and Huff can play the outfield. There’s a lot of talk about a bunch of different guys but I’m still stuck in Prince. Obviously, they want someone like Cain — which we cannot do. Honestly, I have no idea where we can go for Prince, maybe a Jonathan Sanchez/Madison Bumgarner. Stick with me. Prince is an everyday player, pitchers affect 1 out of 5 games a week. Wouldn’t you be willing to part with a top prospect and a good pitcher for a power hitter who’s 26 years old?

King: If and when Sabean is no longer the Giants GM. Will you keep your site, start a new site or stop blogging all together?

Eric: I have thought about that before. The site has picked up pace recently and I’ve received pretty good feedback. If people are still following the blog when Sabean is fired then I’ll probably buy a new domain (not sure yet of what) and just have people who type in get redirected to the new blog. I love writing and want to do that for the rest of my life (not blogging, but just writing in general) so this is a lot of fun. Hopefully people like it too.

King: Is there anything you want to let Giants fans know about you that they might not know?

Eric: I may come off pessimistic a lot of the time, but that’s where I get the humor. I have been a lifelong Giants fan and those who know me know how much I love watching this team. It’s kind of a catch 22 with Sabean at the helm, if we do well this year that’s awesome but then Sabean will surely get another extension. Would I take a World Series win even if it means Sabean will get a lifelong contract? Hell yeah, that’s what our goal as a fan is: To witness the ultimate triumph — and whether it comes with him as the GM or Jon Doe, it doesn’t matter. We’re all in this together and one World Series in 14 years of torture? Maybe I’ll purchase next.

King: Thank you very much Eric for taking the time to do this Q&A with SF Giants Rumors. Keep up the great work with your site. It’s always fun to read your posts. It’s nice to see that we both have the same passion for the San Francisco Giants!

~King of Cali

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Q&A About Buster Posey

Posted on June 22nd, 2010 by admin in Q&A

  Buster Posey (FSU)

I have recently been asked to do an interview with Regie from They cover all things FSU (Florida State University). For those of you that don’t know. Buster Posey went to FSU which is the reason Regie wanted to interview me. They like to follow all of their FSU alumni to see how they are doing. Here is a link to check out the interview “Buster Posey Exceeding Expectations”.  

~King of Cali

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Winner OF The Giants Past & Present Book Is….

Posted on April 22nd, 2010 by admin in Q&A
Giants Past & PresentDan Fost the author of Giants Past & Present has picked a winner from the comments that were submitted on the “Q&A With Dan Fost – Author Of Giants Past & Present, Wing A Copy!” post. Dan liked all the comments and was torn between a few different comments. He did however decide to go with Dan Pera. He said let’s give Robb Nen his due. A lot of fans have been down on him after 2002 World Series, but I think Pera hits the nail on the head, and I like that he appreciates the sacrifice Nen made for the team. Dan Pera’s winning comment will be at the bottom of this post.
Just because you didn’t win the Giants Past & Present book. Doesn’t mean you can’t still purchase it. I’m telling you it’s a must have for Giants fans. You can purchase the book at Giants Past & Present. I’m sure you know some Giants fans who’s birthday is coming up or you want to get them the book for Fathers Day.
Winning Comment
Dan Pera,
Despite the fact I love Will Clark and Barry Bonds, I have to say that the guy I’ll always love and respect the most is Robb Nen.
He wasn’t a longtime Giant, but the years he was with us, he gave us a dominant presence at the end of the bullpen. His insane slider was like 92 mph. Just absolute pure filth. Plus, his theme song, “Smoke on the Water” is just too epic for words.
I’ll never forget how he pitched himself into an early career grave by giving up his shoulder in 2002. He gave everything he had, and never pitched again as a result. Love Robb Nen.
~King of Cali

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Q&A With Dan Fost – Author Of Giants Past & Present, Win A Copy!

Posted on April 9th, 2010 by admin in Q&A
Dan FostDan Fost the author of Giants Past & Present has taken the time to do a Q&A with me. He also would love to give an autographed Giants Past & Present book to a lucky Giants fan. All you have to do is leave a comment. Tell us who was your favorite Giant player of the past and why? Then you can have a chance to win an autographed book. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t win. You can still purchase the book at I have read the book, and it’s a must have for all Giants fans!

When moving to San Francisco in 1989 who was your favorite Giants player that year?   I loved Robby Thompson. He was a hard-nosed, hard-working second baseman, a great player who exemplified the working class nature of that team, and someone I loved rooting for.  
Since you grew up a Yankees fan and became a Giants fan in 1989, would you say you’re more of a Giants or Yankees fan?
    You never give up on your boyhood team, and I did enjoy it last year when the Yankees won the World Series. But in recent years, I have given the matter a lot of thought, and am sure I would root for the Giants if they played the Yankees in the Fall Classic. The Giants are my hometown team now, and the drought has been so long – and the Yankees have such an embarrassment of riches, both in titles and in big money players – that I would much rather see a trophy come to San Francisco.  
The Giants haven’t won a World Series Championship since moving to San Francisco. Do you think the curse will end soon?
I wish I could say that it will. I do think this Giants team has a good chance of going all the way. That is, they should contend for a playoff spot, and if they can make it to the post-season, their pitching could carry them pretty far. But to beat the Yankees, or Phillies, or Cardinals, I’d love to see the Giants have at least one or two big bats.    
I really like how you broke up every position in your book and you talked about past players to the current ones. What would your All Star Giants team be?
 In my research, I gained a real appreciation for the players of the dead ball era, and probably include a few more of them than many modern fans might.   Catcher: Buck Ewing. Possibly the greatest ballplayer of the 19th century. 1B: Willie McCovey. Tough not to pick Bill Terry, but Stretch was such a fearsome hitter. 2B: Frankie Frisch: A winner all the way. 3B: Freddie Lindstrom, another Hall of Famer. I’d love to see Pablo Sandoval supplant him; Matt Williams almost did it, and the Panda has potential. SS: John Montgomery Ward was a jack-of-all trades, someone who could play nearly any position and pitch, and started the first players’ rights movement as well. LF: Barry Bonds. I never saw anyone better. CF: Willie Mays. Nobody ever saw anyone better. RF: Mel Ott. Nice when the guy with the fewest home runs in your outfield hit 511. RHP: Christy Mathewson. Sorry, Juan Marichal, but I think Matty is the greatest of all time. LHP: Carl Hubbell. The Meal Ticket was an amazing talent, and a lifelong Giant – even serving as pitching coach in San Francisco. Closer: Robb Nen. I loved Rod Beck, but he lived on the edge, and had us fans perched there too many times as well.    
With all the records and achievements that Barry Bonds has achieved. Do you believe he’s Hall of Fame worthy?
Absolutely. I don’t like the idea of pinning a morals clause on players. Plenty of scoundrels did plenty of bad things and still made it into the Hall. If Bonds is so bad, then put Balco on his plaque – but how can you keep all those home runs, all those MVP awards, out of the Hall as if they never happened?     
I’m sure you have met a lot of Giants players over the years. Who is your favorite Giants player off the field?
Omar Vizquel. He is a class act, funny, friendly, made time for me when he had no idea who I was. He is also quite intelligent and well-versed in art and music. He’s also one of my favorites on the field; I watched in awe of some of the plays he made at shortstop, and really appreciated his contributions when he was in San Francisco.    
Is there any Giants books that you may possibly be writing in the future?
I don’t have any plans to do so. I am most interested in exploring the little-known aspect of the Giants (at least little known in the rest of baseball, beyond the die-hard Giants fans), that the team suffers from the same hard-luck propensity that once plagued the Red Sox and still afflicts the Cubs and Indians. You don’t think of the Giants in the same breath as those teams, but where is the World Series trophy for San Francisco? It still hasn’t happened.  
How do you feel about the Giants chances this year? What do you believe are their strengths and weaknesses?
I am more optimistic this year than I have been at any time since Bonds’ heyday. Even last year, it didn’t seem the Giants had the horses for a winning record, and yet they racked up 88 wins and contended for the wild card. This year the secret is out: The pitching keeps getting better, and now they have even better hitters. I hope Meulens can get his boys from Fresno – Bowker, Schierholtz, Velez – to show some pop at the plate. I hope Bochy doesn’t stick with Renteria or Rowand too long if they don’t show signs of a comeback from last year’s dismal performance. The weakness is the lack of  a big bat, but I see a team rich in potential. I pick them to win the division.    
 I know you’re a freelance writer. How can Dan Fost fans look for your material on the Giants? What are you doing now aside from writing books?
I am blogging at, and have started a channel of videos at You can also be a fan of the book at, and follow me at I once wrote a story on John Bowker for Giants magazine, and hope to do some more work for them this year. In addition, I have a Web site at where you can see my other writing. I have covered Silicon Valley for the past 13 years, mostly as a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, but more recently as a freelancer for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and San Francisco magazine, and I will continue to do so.  
What is something that you would like to tell the readers about yourself that they might not know about you?
I was once held in contempt of court for invoking a journalist’s right to refuse to answer a prosecutor’s questions under cross-examination in a murder case that I had covered as a reporter. The contempt citation was overturned, and Fost v. Superior Court remains a significant precedent in California media law.
Thank you very much Dan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this. Everyone that I know that has seen your book loves it!
Hey Giants fans don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us who was your favorite Giant player of the past and why? Dan will pick one winner to get an autographed Giants Past & Present book!

You can follow Dan
~King of Cali


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Q&A With Tim Kawakami

Posted on December 31st, 2009 by admin in Q&A
Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News was kind enough to do a Q&A for us Giants fans. Tim also has a blog that he updates called Talking Points with Tim Kawakami. You can also follow Tim via twitter.
King: We all know Sabean is usually pretty active when it comes to the offseason. He said this year they were going to take it slow. We all didn’t think it would be this slow. What are your thoughts on the Giants taking the slow approach this offseason to make some moves?
Tim K: You know, the way this off-season has set up, I don’t know that Giants fans should’ve wanted Sabean to move too swiftly. Unless you’re throwing around huge money for Holliday or Bay–and we know the Giants aren’t doing that–then there wasn’t a lot of the Big Deal kind of player available this time around.
So the pick-up of Mark DeRosa this week was certainly not franchise-altering, but better than, say, last December’s Edgar Renteria signing, right? Or Zito, Dave Roberts and Klesko two Decembers ago.

Now, this is not going to stir up the Giants populace, nor should it. They have GOT to add 50 to100 runs or else they risk wasting another year of Lincecum-Cain.

I just don’t see how this administration–which, the last time they had large money to blow, spent it on Aaron Rowand–can do it, given this set of circumstances, unless they were suddenly willing to trade Cain, which I don’t think will happen.

The Giants just aren’t going to go over 100M in payroll. You can be upset about that, fairly. But if that’s the ceiling, with Zito and Rowand choking up the space and Lincecum’s deal to come… well, they’re sort of stuck trying to scour the bargain bin. That’s DeRosa. Maybe Jermaine Dye, etc.

King: I’m sure you’re not going to sugarcoat this answer. What do you think of Bill Neukom so far? Do you think he will open up the wallet and let Sabean get some good players?
Tim K: I’ve been fine with Neukom so far–he’s definitely analytical, which means he’s a lot less apt to go hog-wild on impulse for somebody like Zito. I think that’s a plus. Again, fans want the Zito-like deal (well, not ZITO, but many did love the Zito signing at the time,if I remember correctly), the magic fix.

Neukom’s not a magic-fix guy. Is he being stingy? Well, that’s for the bankers and ticket-buyers to decide. If the Giants remain a top-15 payroll team, which I think they will, and if they’re still loaded down by Zito, Rowand, Renteria… I’m not sure how much Neukom is going to let the money flow for anything new.

He’s counting on Posey and the next wave, if it comes, and maybe a new GM and manager in 2011 or 2012. Does that sound drastic? I think that’s where this is headed. Sabean and Bochy only got two-year deals, remember.

King: If you were the Giants GM. What would moves would you be trying to make this offseason?

Tim K: I’d buy a time machine and go back and prevent myself from ever signing Zito or Rowand. Barring that… I sure would start trying to short-sell Rowand and maybe throw in Brian Wilson if that’s what it took.

I know Wilson’s a fan favorite, TV show, all that. But unless you’re Mariano, closers don’t usually have long shelf-life. Plus Wilson is a closer coming up on arbitration who has a history of high ERAs and WHIPs. If I was the GM–and thank God I’m not–and I knew I couldn’t get a Bay or a Holliday (or trade for Adrian Gonzalez–ain’t happening), then I’d try to be forward-thinking and plan to clean my salary roll into 2011.

That means dumping Rowand, who really isn’t any good and will get increasingly less good, and if it takes sacrificing Wilson or Jonathan Sanchez to do it… Again, sounds drastic. Giants fans won’t like it. But how else is this team going to get the money to really go after the top-level hitters?

King: There is reports that the Giants have offered Mark DeRosa a two year, $12 million contract. Do you see this as a good move for the Giants if he accepts?
Tim K: Obviously, you sent this to me before the DeRosa deal came down. Not a terrible deal, but again, certainly DeRosa, at 34, coming off of wrist problems, is not going to be scaring NL pitchers or adding 50 runs to the Giants offense. He’s OK. He can play third, first, left, right… But is he a huge improvement over Randy Winn? Not really. I was not a Winn fan, but… If this offense is going to get better, the upgrade has to be more than DeRosa for Winn (or for Lewis, or Ishikawa, or whoever).

So you have Freddy Sanchez for the whole season, if his knee lets him be there for the whole season. I thought Uribe was just as good or better than Sanchez last year, and the Giants line-up stunk. Where’s the upgrade? Lose Bengie, and have nobody at center. Where’s the upgrade?

They need a thumper. I just don’t think a thumper’s out there for them. Same old, same old. But at least DeRosa’s only 34. A bit younger than Sabean’s normal free-agent signee.

King: I just wanted to say thanks again to Tim Kawakami for taking the time out of his busy life to do this Q&A for us.
~King of Cali

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Q&A With Sports Writer Ann Killion

Posted on December 11th, 2009 by admin in Q&A


Here is a Q&A that I did with Ann Killion. I’m sure a lot of you out there know who she is. She’s an award winning sports columnist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is a little background on her. She’s been a Bay Area sportswriter for the past two decades. She covered the 49ers as a beat writer for a couple of (glory) years in the early 90′s. She’s been a general sports columnist for most of her career. Which means she’s spent a lot of life writing about the Giants, particularly Barry Bonds and his milestones and scandals. Ann says the Giants are definitely her bread and butter. She left the Mercury News last summer and is now working for and Comcast Sports Net Bay Area.
King: What are your thoughts on Bill Neukom after his first year in charge?
Ann: I haven’t spent that much time around Neukom though I did sit down with him the day he took over. I think he’s very lawyerly – pragmatic and analytic. He might not have the emotional connection to the team that Magowan had, but that could be a good thing. He’s unlikely to make mistakes like giving Barry Zito a ridiculous contract because he looks good or outbidding phantom bidders so as not to “humiliate” Bonds. The team improved during his first year. I think he did the right thing in holding off on contracts for Bochy and Sabean. In terms of spending, I think the jury is still out.

King: Sabean has said the Giants will be after second tier free agents. Who do would you say should be the Giants number 1 target as a second tier free agent?
Ann: I’m not too excited about any of the names. Jermaine Dye peaks my interest a little because he’s local, coming off a decent year and is a great guy. But there’s no one I feel strongly about out there.

What are your thoughts on Tim Lincecum hitting arbitration with two Cy Young’s under his belt?
I think he’s going to be a very rich young man. And – unlike a lot of overpaid athletes – he deserves whatever he’s going to make. I’m a big Lincecum fan.

King: There has been some recent talk that Buster Posey can be the next Joe Mauer or Brian McCann. What type of a player do you see Posey turning into?
Ann: I think if he could be the next Mauer the Giants would be very lucky. I think he shows a lot of promise but is still about 12 years old.

King: We all know Bonds was the poster child for the steroids era. Do you think he will get voted in to the Hall of Fame, or do you think he will be on the black list?
Ann: I’m a Hall of Fame voter and I can’t tell you. I think all the guys from the steroid era are on the black list right now. I think Bonds will likely have to wait a few years. I’ve written in the past that I think baseball needs to take some responsibility for its own legacy, rather than just foisting it on the writers. Maybe a blue-ribbon committee with Hall of Famers like Hank Aaron could provide some guidance. I think overlooking the “morals” clause is ridiculous – it’s part of the voting guidelines. Everyone says, ‘well Bonds was a Hall of Famer before he cheated.” My response to that is: doesn’t that make it even worse? It’s a problem.

King: What do you think the Giants really need to improve this team?
Ann: Get a bat. Just like last year and the year before.

King: You have covered a lot of sports, so what’s your greatest sports memory of all?

Ann: That’s a hard one. Most of my goosebump moments have come at the Olympics – I’ve covered the past eight and seem some crazy things. Covering the Tour de France in 2004 was amazing – especially the time trial up the Alpe d’Huez. The 2002 World Series is definitely up there on the list of memorable events. My favorite assignment of all time was covering the 1998 World Cup in France – incredible!
King: Do you see the Giants turning into a force in the NL West in the near future with the pieces they currently have in place?
Ann: Yes. Their pitching is so fantastic. And the Dodgers appear to be headed toward chaos, thanks to the divorce of the MCourts. If some of the Giants prospects, like Posey, turn into the real deal, I think they’ll be back in contention.


King: Giants fans are desperate for a World Series Championship. I’m telling myself that McGwire and Canseco were probably on the juice in 89, so I will take that as a forfeit. Giants are now the 1989 World Series Champions. =) Would you agree with me?
Ann: Hmmm, if I follow that logic I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any teams to award a championship to in the past decade-plus. Including those Red Sox championships…But I agree that McGwire and Canseco were on the juice – everyone talked about it even back then. 
King: Thank you very much for taking the time to do this Q&A for us Giants fans. Is there anything that you would like to let Giants fans know about you?
Ann: My late father was so excited about the Giants moving to San Francisco he stood on Market Street in the tickertape parade welcoming them, with my older brother on his shoulders. He was a die-hard Giants fan and I grew up with Giants games as the background noise to my childhood. He didn’t like it when I became infatuated with the Swingin’ A’s in the 70s. Sharing Giants games with him late in his life was a real pleasure – I am happy that he lived long enough to see the new ballpark. One of these days he might look down on his team winning a World Series. Maybe.


King: Ann does have her own site. You can check it out at, and you can also follow her via twitter.


~King of Cali


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Q&A With Dan Dibley of KNBR

Posted on November 16th, 2009 by admin in Q&A

Hey Giants fans here is a Q&A that Dan Dibley was willing to do for us. As most of you reading this know Dibley works for KNBR. The Giants Flagship Station. Dibley is the Sports/Traffic Anchor. He has been a part of the KNBR Morning Show and Gary Radnich Experience since 2005.


King: What’s your thoughts on Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean coming back in 2010?
Dibley: I think Bruce Bochy did a nice job by enlarge of making that collection of players successful in 2009. I don’t think many skippers would have gotten 90 wins out of the group of hitters. I’m glad to see him back. As for Sabean, while some of his free agent signings are questionable, I applaud him for “trying” to upgrade the offense with Sanchez/Garko. That said, this is his last contract, unless they make a big run in the next 2 years.

King: Who is your favorite player, current and all time?

Dibley: My current favorite player is probably Brian Wilson. He has really nasty stuff and just an odd-enough personality to succeed as a closer. I’d put Affeldt and Velez as my two runners-up, though I have a big soft spot for Freddie Lewis and Randy Winn. My all-time favorite would have to be Willie McCovey. He was in his heyday while I was growing up.

King: What is your best Giants memory?

Dibley: I’d have to say my best memory, and I cannot recall the exact date, was the night of the double-header with the Dodgers back at the Stick when anarchy ruled. I was in the outfield seats when fans began jumping over the wall, clamoring for home run balls, even on short pop ups. It was the last night they allowed fans to leave the seats and chase down HR balls. The crowd was unruly a bit but it was an awesome night.

King: What free agent player out there would you like to see the Giants go after?

Dibley: I would like them to go after Jason Bay, a power hitter who will not totally kill the Giants defense.

King: There has been rumors about a Cain, Fielder trade. If you were the GM would you make this trade?

Dibley: Initially, I would have made that trade but something about the deal does not feel right for me. Maybe it’s the fit of Fielder with the Giants but my gut says don’t do it.

King: There are some 09 Giants players that are now free agents. Which players would you like to see brought back?

Dibley: I would love for them to bring Bengie Molina back, but for only one year, a pipe dream I realize. Aside from that, it’s good that Freddy Sanchez is coming back but aside from that, they can all pretty much go away.

King: There is a lot of people that want to see Posey as the starting catcher next season. Do you think Posey is ready for that role?

Dibley: I don’t think he is ready to be the everyday catcher. The inside word is that he needs to get more musculature. Once he gets bigger he will tear it up. 

King: What’s your thoughts on the NL having a DH?

Dibley: Hate the DH. Always have, always will. Baseball is a game of 9 on 9. We teach kids the ethos of playing the field and getting rewarded with an AB. The DH ruins that.

King: For the record… Who do you enjoy working with more.. Murph and Mac or Gary?

Dibley: Murph and Mac are the main course and Gary is the dessert. I get a well balanced meal from 5-9 then I get a terrific, varied “treat” from 9-10:30ish. I’m the the luckiest broadcaster in the market to be able to span two great, yet different shows.

King: Is there anything you want to let Giants fans know about you that they might not know?
Dibley: I love my job at KNBR and it is a partial culmination of my dreams. The fact that a mediocre student who never played professional sports can be such an integral part of a 50,000 watt sports station is testimony to the fact that dreams come true. I want people to know that dreams do in fact come true so keep believing and don’t give up, don’t ever give up.

I just want to say thank you very much to Dan Dibley for taking the time to do this Q&A for us. You can check out Dibley’s blog at and you can also follow him on twitter ( 

~King of Cali

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Q&A With Radio Host Damon Bruce from KNBR

Posted on October 6th, 2009 by admin in Q&A
This Q&A was done with Damon in February 2009.
I would like to introduce all of you to Damon Bruce. You can hear Damon on KNBR, the Giants flagship station. Where he is the nightly host of “Sportsphone 680″, which is heard from 7-10pm Pacific Time. You can also stream his show online at You gamers out there might recognize his voice, he does the play-by-play for the video game “The Bigs”. One thing I love about Damon is that he’s very passionate about the Giants and what they should be doing to improve the team. Damon was born in Chicago. You would never know it from hearing him on the radio, but he’s a Chicago Cubs fan! I know that his second favorite team is the Giants! Damon does a “Giants Hot Stove League Show” where he interviews players, coaches and broadcasters.
I recently contacted Damon, told him about my blog and asked him if I could interview him for it. He agreed to let me interview him via email. I did get a chance to meet Damon when I was at the Giants Fan Fest. I walked up and introduced myself to him. Not only did he know who I was, but he obviously reads his own emails! He told me he would have all the answers to me by early in the week. It was great to finally meet the man behind the voice.

(Picture – Zito, Frandsen and Bruce at Giants Fan Fest.)
 Here is a Q & A with sports host Damon Bruce from KNBR.
King: Since it’s known you’re a Chicago Cubs fan and you cover the Giants. Who would you want to win in the NLCS if they played each other?
Damon B: Cubs vs Giants – Lets hope, and it’s a sfe bet… that’s not going to be a problem for me. Personally, I would love to see the Cubs in the World Series in my lifetime, but not at the expense of me getting to cover a World Series in my lifetime. I would likely have to take the series off, and just start drinking heavily.
King: Who is your favorite player current and all time?
Damon B: Favorite Player All Time – Mark Grace… if we’re talking current Giants: Lincecum or Cain
King: What’s your best Giants memory?
Damon B: Covering Bonds the night he tied Hank Aaron in San Diego. It was surreal to watch him do that in another team’s ball park. Padres fans didn’t want to applaud, but they couldn’t stop themselves. It’s covered in scandal, but it was quite a moment in time.
King: What’s your opinion on Manny Ramirez possibly being a Giant?
Damon B: Sign him before the Dodgers do… are you even serious with this question? This guy is a proven winner, and the best post-season performer in ML history. I can’t belive the Giants are just watching the Dodgers take their time with this guy.
King: I like adding Renteria and Johnson if they add a clean up hitter. If they don’t then I don’t see a point if they aren’t trying to win. What do you think about those signings?
Damon B: Both are stop gaps… Renteria will be an offensive upgrade over Omar, but not 1/2 the defender. It really show’s they don’t have a player in their minor league system ready to go at SS. It’s a C-plus signing, maybe a B-minus… lets see how he plays and adjusts to NL pitching again. Johnson is a sub-plot to the season which will be cool to cover. 300 wins is special, and hopefully it gives the Giants incentive to deal some pitching for a bat.
King: If you were the Giants GM what moves would you have made this off-season?
Damon B: Manny… Manny… Manny… trade some pitching for a real bat if he didn’t sign. I like the Affeldt signing, would have tried to deal for Holliday instead of letting the A’s do it. Would have never inked Zito for that cash… I could go on & on… but I’ll spare you. Oh, I would have made a move on Dan Uggla.
King: Has there been a recent move by a team this off-season that you’re impressed with and didn’t see coming?
Damon B: I think every off-season needs to be spent addressing major issues… there is a major lack of major league bat in the middle of this line-up, and until that’s fixed, they’re just painting a rusty car, not treating the rust.
King: What’s your prediction for the NL West?
Damon B: D-Backs, Giants, Dodgers, Rockies, Padres.
King: What’s your take on the Barry Bonds issue?
Damon B: Should have come clean a-la A-Rod and this would have been over years ago. His ego was his greatest asset and worst enemy at the same time.
King: Is there anything you want to let people know about you that they might not know?
Damon B: I’ve written a book about Bay Area Sports Lists… will be out near the beginning of baseball season. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, so I’m excited, and hope people dig it.
I hoped you guys really enjoyed getting to know a little about Damon Bruce. Thanks again Damon for taking the time to answer these questions and it was really nice to meet you at the Giants FanFest. Here is a picture of Damon and I at the Giants Fan Fest.
~King of Cali

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