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  • Terry says:

    Watching the giants lose these games, and being a buffalo bills football fan too, makes this month real torture; somebody please make a play when it is neded.

  • Lisa Smallwood says:

    I want to receive emails

  • Jim Rutter says:

    Hi. This is lifelong Giants fan Jim Rutter, CEO of YourSports. I go back to the late 1960s with the club as my grandfather took me to Candlestick often. I would like to chat with someone at SF Giants Rumors. Not selling you anything – I actually think we can be very beneficial to your site – even more so that your current social media presence – and our network is built entirely around sports! Have already given you preferential position on our Giants profile page because we really like what you do. Don’t make me spend time on building out the Dodgers! Ha! Jim Rutter M: 650-714-1920

  • Mel Oftedal says:

    Would like to receive info.

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