DeRosa to be released or traded?

Recently I sent an email to Mychael Urban of, and asked the following question.
“When Cody Ross is ready to come back, and if Andres Torres doesn’t have to take a trip to the DL, do you see the Giants maybe releasing Mark DeRosa or putting him on the DL since his wrist is flaring up? Mike Fontenot can back up at shortstop, second and third base. Aaron Rowand is hot right now, and Nate Schierholtz still has value on the team.”

Urban used the question in his MLB Mailbag. You can check out Urban’s answer here.

A day later Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports had the same thoughts as I did. Rosenthal says the Giants are set in the infield and their outfield is getting rather crowded, so he believes DeRosa looks like a prime candidate to be traded.

~King of Cali

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  • Steverino says:

    I don’t know that DeRosa and Fontenot are equivalent ball players at all. I haven’t seen enough of DeRosa’s defense to know, but based upon his past I suspect he’s at least as capable as Fontenot. Offensively? DeRosa has Font beat hands down. Or is that “wrist down”…which begs the question: “is DR’s wrist up to the task of a full season of baseball?”

  • Mr. B says:

    I disagree that Derosa will be traded, Fox sports is out in left field on this one .The Giants will keep Derosa this year.

  • admin says:

    Steverino and Mr. B,

    I would say if both players are completely healthy (DeRosa and Fontenot). DeRosa would be the better player. I would rather have him playing 2nd or 3rd. However, he’s never really recovered from his wrist injury. I personally seen him in Spring Training walking the clubhouse area with his wrist wrapped with ice, and didn’t play for a while around that time. Just the other day he was also scratched from playing 2nd base just about 15 mins before game time. This is our backup player as well, so he’s not even playing on a daily basis for his wrist to flare up. Just seems like as the year goes on. That wrist will continue to remain a problem.

    Which brings us to the question. Do the Giants really want to keep him on the roster all year? I would say he’s more expendable when/if everyone is healthy.

    ~King of Cali (Steven)

  • Mike says:

    I would like to see Belt get experience playing LF in Fresno, then bring him up later to platoon with Burrell

  • Lunch Box says:

    After the Dave Roberts debacle, I don’t know if Sabean wants to eat a contract like DeRosa’s (6 million left). That’s not much, compared to Roberts’. Its still early in the season, and I think the team wants to see what they can get out of DeRosa now that BB has been sent down. It’s tough, however, because you hear that his wrist is flaring up from every other news report.