Giants-Dodgers: Teams Rivalry Sparks A Fight That Ends With A Man Dying

Picture courtesy of Marko Realmonte

Picture courtesy of Marko Realmonte

To all of the Los Angeles Dodgers fans out there up in arms about a San Francisco Giants fan killing a Dodgers fan after the game on Wednesday…. that is not the case.

The same can be said about the “Dodger fans” who assaulted Bryan Stow after the Dodgers game on March 31, 2011.
Those guys are not “Fans” they’re thugs, the only difference in these two stories are that the thugs who attacked Stow attended the game “posing” as fans.
The people responsible for the Dodger fan losing his life were leaving a night club and were not at the game.
Regardless it’s time to remember that rivalry goes as far as the white foul lines and should never reach beyond. It’s okay to talk smack on Facebook, Twitter or face to face with friends but there is a line to be drawn.
Players uphold the rivalry on the field but many of them are friends when that final out is recorded. If you wear Dodger blue or orange and black that is your choice, one that allows you to show passion, but not one that should cost you your life or wellbeing.
It’s 2013 and it is time to grow up, sports to many is a job but to us fans it is a GAME, a release from our jobs and a place to take their families or buddies to have a few hours of fun.
There are neighborhoods or cities you should avoid at night and under all costs, but society is making it so ball parks, stadiums and the areas surrounding are in that same category and it is sad. 
Grow up America, enjoy the GAME, respect the GAME and allow the players to carry out the Rivalry on the FIELD.
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~Greg Boehl
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1 Comment

  • Jim R says:

    Sorry all the facts are not in, but I do not agree with your paragraph starting with “The people responsible for the Dodger fan losing his life…”. I think anyone who dons a rivalry jersey etc and goes out drinking and looking for a fight in the other teams city is going to find what he is looking for. Trouble. Again, the facts are not in but what I’ve read so far indicates he himself caused this to happen.