J.D. Martinez Could Fall Into Giants Lap

JD Martinez

Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

The biggest chip in the free agent market has yet to drop. That could be good news for the patient San Francisco Giants. Everyone keeps hearing that J.D. Martinez will eventually sign with the Boston Red Sox. However, that might not be what Martinez really wants to do. I mean who wouldn’t want to sign with the Red Sox? It’s a chance for an outfielder to play at the iconic Fenway Park. Oh wait, that’s probably the one thing that’s holding up that deal.

Word on the street is Martinez wants to play outfield and the Red Sox are looking at him as a DH. That’s how the Giants can fall into play. We need a big bat, and we’re looking to add two outfielders! We know we have to pony up to get free agent bats to come to AT&T Park. I’m also pretty sure this is why the Giants have jumped to sign outfielder Jay Bruce as of yet.

Only time will tell Giants fans, stay tuned!

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  • Clutch Cargo says:

    Once again you spout off with nothing but your nitwit opinion. No sources, no knowledge, no nothing. How people read (much less believe) your ridiculous drivel is beyond me. Just go the fuck away because you really don’t know shit.

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