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Posted on November 15th, 2012 by admin in King of Cali Blog

Hey San Francisco Giants fans it’s contest time! Have you ever been curious about the history of the World Series, or do you want to relive the 2010 magic of the Giants first World Series win in San Francisco?
Well here is your chance to win a copy of The World Series: History of the Fall Classic Deluxe Giftset, and 2010 San Francisco Giants: The Official World Series Film. A&E Sports was kind enough to sponsor this giveaway for SF Giants Rumors!

I’m sure you’re wondering how to win, right? It’s simple, all you have to do is leave a comment below with what moves you would make this offseason if you were Brian Sabean. That’s all you have to do to enter the random drawing for a chance to win!

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Please remember that you only get one entry for this contest by leaving a comment. You will not get multiple entries by leaving multiple comments. The last day to leave a comment will be Tuesday November 20th.

~King of Cali (Steven)

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55 Responses to “SF Giants Rumors Giveaway!”

  1. I’m in for the sweepstakes.

  2. Sabean absolutely needs to re-sign Marco Scutaro and responsibly bring.back Brian Wilson.

  3. Re-sign Scooter, Pagan :)

  4. What happened from last season has got nothing to do with the upcoming one. Ghag being said. If we can’t sign Pagan. I’ll give Melky SECOND CHANCE I know we dkn’t want to associate ourselves from the issue of PEDS but the guy learned his lesson. Plus he’s a good in fact better OF for a cheaper price then any ither big names out there.

  5. Sign Pagan I have a bet going with my dad. He think he wont sign I say yes he will! 20 dollars at stake here….:)

  6. Sign Marco Scutaro,Hhane Victorino, and maybe a couple of relievers !! If the price is right, maybe trade Belt for a LF …

  7. Must sign Affeldt. Must sign Scutaro. Want to sign Pagan.

  8. Keep Scutaro, Pagan, Blanco… ah nuts… all of them!

  9. I 100% not sign Victorino! sign Josh Hamilton, Pagan and Scutaro.

  10. First order of off season business should be to resign Scutaro for a two-year deal.

  11. Get Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins. He is young and good, give up some prospects and put him in right field, Pence or Blanco in Center and Pence, Blanco or Carbrera in left (if possible). If possible, resign Pagan.

  12. Sign Scutaro, sign Victorino, then if you can sign Pagan then he can play CF Victorino LF, if not Victorino in CF. Then sign Wilson.

  13. We need to tender Wilson a new contract that is lower but good on incentives. We need to make a bid on Ichiro he would be great in AT&T and have him I’m Center and maybe bring back Melky on the cheap or Swisher or Upton!

  14. Need to keep Marco at all costs!

  15. get stanton or borne. forget pagan if he doesnt want to resign….scutaro is a must. wilson for a lower price w/ incentives

  16. Let Pagan go, sign under appreciated CF just like he was. Develop CF Gary Brown in AAA and look to bring him up mid season. Sign Scutaro to 2 year deal. Bring in another RHP for bullpen and possibly a 1B with pop.

  17. Two moves. Steal Bourne from Colorado and run a trade for a quality 2nd base prospect if we sign Scutero.

  18. Let’s win it again sign Hamilton

  19. Look for another right handed starter as a hedge against Lincecum not really regaining his edge. Maybe Kuroda. Send Belt to Arizona and feed him left handed pitching. Make Posey a rich man. Either sign Pagan or look seriously at Micheal Bourne.

  20. First sign Scutaro, second sign Upton, and third sign Hamilton. With those three key signings you will have a scary lineup poised for a repeat

  21. Agree with James. Also get Stanton.

  22. Championships are won with pitching and defense. I would sign Affeldt, Scutaro, and Pagan. I would also want to keep Blanco as a late inning defense specialist. Sign Stanton to play left field and try to lock up Belt at first base on a three year deal. He is a solid defense player and will become a better hitter.

  23. Definitely need to get Scutaro locked in. I agree about Stanton – I’m sure he’d love to play for a winning team with fans who care!

  24. Sign Scutaro, put Blanco in center and sign Melky real cheap and put him in left…he will rise to the occasion with out PEDS

  25. I would want him to bring back Scutaro and Pagan, and stay away from Melky. The team did fine without him in the post-season.

  26. WOW King, what a response, so many participants !!!
    Now for my 2 cents worth.
    1. Resign Scutaro, Theriot, Melky, and Pagan. Let our other FA go. Theriot would be a valuable back-up, and Melky is a better player than the outfielders that are available. Forgive him and move on, we all make mistakes.
    2. Let Wilson go, too risky to keep him. Romo has proven himself under pressure situations.
    3. Ask the Mariners about the availability of Jason Vargas, a solid #5 starter if Zito struggles.
    4. Bring in a righty bat to platoon with Belt at 1B.

  27. Be brave: Go and get Josh Hamilton!

    Of course re-sign Scutero.

    If we can’t get Pagan I say try to get Upton from the D-backs. Then Hamilton in left; Blanco in Center and Upton in right.

    Right now the Giants have 5 quality starters: this may sound odd but make Timmy the closer! He’s got 4 different pitches to get you out with and they are all nasty.
    Late in the game hitters won’t be so patient.

  28. Way to go MVPosey!! Love my Giants!

  29. 1.Avoid Victorino like the plague 2.Resign Angel & Marco 3.Encourage The dodgers to keep spending 4.Beat Them again!

  30. I am grateful for the joy the SF Giants bring to my life. I have been a fan since childhood. Some of my fondest memories are of going to the ballpark with my dad and now my son and watching the games on TV religiously with my husband is something I look forward to doing every season.

  31. Sign scutaro, swisher, pagan. Swisher provides a solid bat to help in the lineup, from both sides. Scutaro,he’s a good gutsy player able to provide key hits. I really pagan, not sure if we can sign him. Borne , would be a good option. Wasn’t pagan originally an infielder??????

  32. DO NOT HESITATE TO BRING back mr wilson !!!

  33. Sign Scutaro. Cant wait for the season start again.

  34. Sign Scutaro, Wilson. Trade Casilla. I hope i win!

  35. We need Scutaro, Pagan, Pence, Wilson, Posey. We need all of our boys!! Can’t wait until next season. I am going through withdraws!

  36. - resign scutaro for sure
    - try to resign pagan, but if he asks for too much, bump up Gary Brown to CF
    - Give timmy an extension since his stock is low now
    - resign wilson to a small, short K since he’s had 2 tommy johns
    - bring cody ross back for utility OF

  37. I would try to sign Pagan or Bourn. Brown should be the center fielder if you can’t sign either. Need a second baseman, hope its Scutaro again on a 2 year deal. Then move the old guy to the side for Panik. Really, we got the pitching, just need a solid d to keep the games close and a few clutch hits. DVD me please!!!

  38. Scudaro, Pagan, and Pence need to be back, need a LF with a little pop in his bat, get Buster locked in for long term,
    the rest seems to be in place

  39. sign Scudaro. Give Pagan two years if you can. Brown will be ready by the second year. I agree that we need to nail Buster down with a long term contract. with the two Brandon’s normal improvement we will have a solid line up. We could use a full time L.F. but he could maybe come from the farm system. I’m ready for the season today. I’ve been a Giants fan since 1951.

  40. Keep Scutaro & Pagan. Get G. Stanton.

  41. Sign the free-agents who played in the post season, especially Scutaro. Distrupting the chemistry now with too much change is not a good idea. Bochey will manuever nicely with the current starting 9 and a new power bat off the bench (hopefully lefty)…a new young arm in the Bull pen would be good for the future.

  42. Resign Affeldt,Pagan,Scoots, Blanco
    also theriot

  43. Sign Swisher, Pagan and Scutaro. Trade belt and Pence for G. Stanton trust me they are not going to pan out like the organization thinks they will. That gets the outfield covered. Move Posey to 1st that covers the infield and put Hector as catcher that gives us only 2 players on our team that may hit under 250 min. Sanchez and Crawford I do not mind that.

  44. Resign Pagan and Scutaro. Sign Swisher!!!! This way if belt struggles you have someone to play 1st with average. Trade belt and Wilson for G. Stanton from the Marlins. They don’t have anyone good at 1st so this makes perfect sense for them and Wilson will give them the closer they have been looking for. Now you move Pence to left put Stanton at right and Pagan at center your good on the outfield. Now with Swisher, Pablo, Scutaro, and Crawford you have the infield hitting an average of .280 with the exception of Crawford but hes good on D so I forgive him. Posey and the pitching staff will do fine all year long. By making these moves we do not add to much salary we have Elite players and we can beat repeat our World Series championship.

  45. sign Pagan, but please do not over pay for him. Promote Brown to work into left field. Belt is expendable to get Posey at first full time. Sanchez behind the plate with 2 more of your top 20 prospects as catcher. Wilson, when his value picks up should be moved at trade deadline to another contender

  46. Knowing that some cash will need to flow next year for Lincecum, Sabean should try to sign Pagan for no more than 3 years at a max of $15 plus incentives. No to Victorino. Maybe to Blueberries based on age, but cost counts. Scutaro is more important. And
    count me in for the sweepstakes!

  47. Re-sign Pagan!!!

  48. give Pagan a two year deal. sign marco for one year. look for a left fielder.

  49. i luv the giants
    nothing is on tv anymore
    buster posey is a grat rolemodle he brings the team great strenght hes r mvp silver slugger comeback player defenive player and hank arron award winner
    hunter pence is there to make the team go into team mode and romos there to take off the pressure
    timmy voggie zito cain bumey r there to help the team to victory(as well with everybody else)
    crafowrd is there to stop the ball from going to far
    pagan blanco r there to make catches to save the team
    scutaro belt and sandvol r there for the team throwing the ball to eachother to tag out people
    the team makes great runs amazing plays and catches
    the team is there to bring there city happieness kick ass and make the team and families proud of them
    they’re the best team every
    they r giants

  50. sign pagan!!!
    and scutaro!!!
    bring the team a 3-4 world series

  51. I would love to see the Giants sign Pegan, but not for too much money. In any case I want to see Bourn in a Giants uniform next year along with Josh Hamilton, if possible. I want to make sure we have Javier Lopez in a giants uniform without a doubt a huge assest to our relief staff. I Also think we need to make an addition at first base, I think we can get rid of belt and Hector Sanchez to bring in a top 1st baseman. We did just win the WS in 2012 and have arguably the best player in the game, but these additions would be nice to maintain our dominance in the division.

  52. Sign: Pagan, Scutaro ASAP. Sign Freddy to a Minor league deal if healthy in the spring. Sign Wilson to a new contract at less money.

  53. Sign me up for the drawing. I check in all the time to hear the latest rumors. Great website.


  55. The contest is over, and the winner will be announced shortly.

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