Matt Cain’s Future Uncertain

Matt Cain Perfect Game

With everyday that passes, we’re getting closer to the end of Spring Training. That doesn’t just mean that it’s time for the season to start. It also means some big-time decisions need to be made by the San Francisco Giants front office. One of the big decisions is if long tenure pitcher Matt Cain will be breaking camp as a starting pitcher, a reliever or if he even makes the Opening Day Roster at all.

Cain has been struggling thus far in Spring Training. However, he still has a little time to show that he can be the Cain of old. The 32 year old is due to make $20 million this year, but the money doesn’t guarantee him a spot in the starting rotation.

Only time will tell if Cain cracks the rotation, bullpen or roster… I’m pulling for you Cain, it’s always been fun to see you compete. Who remembers the saying “Lincecum, Cain and pray for rain”?

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