Media Day, Players Galore

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  • 15 February, 2011
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I have another video for you from Media Day. In this video you can see all the players scattered around, and how easy the media can access any player at any time.
Players seen in this video include Jeremy Affeldt, Emmanuel Burriss, Mike Fontenot, Javier Lopez, Darren Ford etc. This was an awesome experience to be able to pick their brains and I must admit some of the players were more nervous than I was. Check out the video below.

Side Notes

The baseball that Brian Wilson threw to strike out Nelson Cruz and clinch the first World Series championship in the San Francisco Giants’ 53 year history is in Wilson’s candy jar! Now that’s sweet!

“I figure I’m not going to lose it there,” said Wilson, “and that’s a delicious treat.”

~King of Cali

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