More Nuggets From San Francisco Giants Media Day

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  • 3 February, 2014
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Credit: Steven Robles - SF Giants Rumors

Credit: Steven Robles – SF Giants Rumors

As promised, there are more nuggets below that I was able to gather Friday at San Francisco Giants media day.

Starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong is glad to be back with the Giants, and is looking to get back on track this year to help solidify the starting rotation.
“At the end of the day I’m where I wanted to be, I’m where my wife wants to be and I feel like this is the right place,” says Vogelsong when asked about re-signing with the Giants.
“I feel like I was a big part of the reason why we didn’t win last year, and I’ve taken a lot of different measures this offseason to try and fix everything that went wrong with me and try to have a better year,” says Vogelsong.
Closer Sergio Romo doesn’t expect reliever David Huff to have the same personality as ex-Giant Aubrey Huff and he’s assuming that there will be no random undergarments from this Huff either. 
“Old Aubrey Huff, that is one unique individual. His personality and his sense of humor, unbelievable character. Yes, definitely enjoyed playing on the same team with that man,” said Romo.
Lefty specialist Javier Lopez thinks the Giants need to get better outside of their division. They had the best record within the NL West. They played well against the teams that they had to beat, but Lopez points out their troubles with the NL Central. Lopez says they really dominated the Giants last year. That’s something they’ll need to clean up if they want to get back to the top of the NL West.
“The Way we played in September was what I think guys in the clubhouse, the fans and everybody else were accustomed too. Which was great pitching some timely hits, and having winning months,” says Lopez.
When asked about getting respect around baseball (Yankees on the East Coast, Dodgers on the West Coast), shortstop Brandon Crawford said they don’t really worry about what other people are saying.
“I think we actually play better as the underdog. I think we showed that in 2010 and 2012. I don’t think anybody picked us to win, we play better like that,” said Crawford.
Saturday at FanFest, outfielder Hunter Pence said manager Bruce Bochy told him that he’s going to break Pence’s streak early in the season. Pence played in all 162 games last year for the Giants. I guess the skipper wants to make sure Pence gets some rest to keep his as fresh as possible.
New left fielder Michael Morse played QB for his high school football team, and he said they never won a game, never scored a point and only crossed the 50 yard line once in a game. That was the 11th game of a 12 game season. Let’s be glad he decided to stick to playing baseball. He’s also not worried about hitting long balls at AT&T Park and is looking forward to the challenge. 
If you hit it good, it’s going to go out. If you don’t hit it good, it won’t go out,” Morse on hitting homers at AT&T Park.
During the offseason Morse works out in Florida and last week he worked out at the same facility with 49ers running back Frank Gore.
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~Steven Robles
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