Opinion Piece: SF Giants Season Overview

Opinion Piece, by Matthew Goncalves

Andrew McCutchen
Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

This offseason has been an extremely busy one for the San Francisco Giants as they have made major pickups such as Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen. Even though we still have certain needs such as bullpen pitching, I believe that we are going to be a solid team this season as I don’t believe we are 64-98 record team this year.

If we can pick up a solid bullpen pitcher with our impending luxury tax issues, I believe that we could be an 80-85 win team this year if everybody can have a better year from their “off year” last year and we could possibly knock on the door of a wild card spot. Remember we still have our even year streak where we have made the playoffs in 2010,2012,2014, and 2016!

In these next few years as a Giants fan, we have to really keep an eye out for the team because we are in win now mode and I believe that if we can’t make a playoff run again in 2-3 years I think that this team will be ripped down and we will go under an extensive rebuild. Yes, that would probably mean trading guys like Brandon Crawford and Madison Bumgarner in order to get prospects for our farm system. Besides that, let’s keep our heads up and look forward for this season!

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