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  • 1 October, 2009
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The Giants have some players that are coming off the books once the season ends. There is a few that they might want to bring back and the rest will free up some money for players with raises and to go after a bat. Below is a list of the Giants Free Agents and how much they made this season.

Players that should be brought back next season.

Freddy Sanchez $6,250,000 (Club option for $8M 2010, Giants will likely decline and try to sign Sanchez to a 2 year contract) Sanchez is a guy that the Giants have to bring back. This guy can flat out hit. He has control with the bat and is the perfect number 2 hitter. He’s a couple years removed from winning the NL Batting Title. This guy will be on base for Sandoval and can help spark the offense.
Juan Uribe $1,000,000 – Uribe by far was the best signing of the year by the Giants. He’s going to get a raise this year, but he’s a player that they need to bring back. With Renteria still under contract as the short stop. Uribe may see a lot of playing time at short stop. He also can play 2nd and 3rd base. If Freddy Sanchez doesn’t come back then Uribe can also get a lot of playing time at 2nd base. 
Brad Penny $5,000,000 (Giants paid less than $100,000. Red Sox paid the $5 M) – I would like to see Penny back with the Giants. Cain or Sanchez may have to be traded for a bat. Penny comes with some attitude out there on the mound. Which could help the young pitchers get an edge out there. Penny went 4-1 with a 2.59 ERA in 6 starts for the Giants.
Players that need to move on.
Bengie Molina $6,500,000 – Bengie has done a great job for the Giants over the past 3 seasons. He’s not a cleanup hitter but has taken on the challenge. He’s put up some great numbers and could go down as one of the best catchers in San Francisco Giants history. Now on the flip side of things. The Giants have Buster Posey who’s knocking on the door and ready to come in and start the Posey era for the Giants. Molina hits into a lot of double plays and is the slowest guy in the league. Once he’s on base it takes 3 hits to get him in. He’s starting to get up there in age too. It’s not worth paying Molina another $6M when you don’t need him to be the starter for a full season. The Giants will need someone to platoon with Posey for 2010 till Posey is ready to be the everyday catcher.
Randy Winn $9,600,000 – This guy has been a very good Giant, but now it’s time to let him walk. Nate Schierholtz is ready to take over right field at AT&T Park.
Rich Aurilia $1,000,000 – Aurilia is the only Giants player remaining from the 2002 World Series team. He’s had a lot of great years in a Giants uniform, but his time has come to an end as a Giant. I’m sure in the future he will come back to the Giants as a coach or front office.
Randy Johnson $8,000,000 – Johnson did reach win #300 as a Giant. I’m sure Johnson won’t want to end his career as a reliever. If he’s going to try to get one more year in the pro’s it’s not going to happen in a Giants uniform.
Noah Lowry $4,500,000 (Club Option $6.25M, Giants will decline the option) – Lowry had a record of 14-8 in 2007, but has had injuries since. The Giants will decline his option.
Bob Howry $2,750,000 – Howry will not likely be brought back next season. I know a lot of Giants fans didn’t want to see him get in any games that were tied or if we had a lead. It seemed like he lost a lot of games for the Giants this year. He does have a 2-6 record this year out of the bullpen.
Dave Roberts $6,500,000 – Roberts was released by the Giants.
Keiichi Yabu $110,000 – Yabu was released by the Giants.
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