Q&A About Buster Posey

  Buster Posey (FSU)

I have recently been asked to do an interview with Regie from plantTHESPEAR.com. They cover all things FSU (Florida State University). For those of you that don’t know. Buster Posey went to FSU which is the reason Regie wanted to interview me. They like to follow all of their FSU alumni to see how they are doing. Here is a link to check out the interview “Buster Posey Exceeding Expectations”.  

~King of Cali

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  • Good stuff man, everything was pretty spot on. One thing you didn’t mention was he needs to learn to adjust at the plate. He has a good swing, but pitchers are getting a report on him now — hence the slump. How can he change to fool pitchers?

    I liked the analysis of where he is and the comments on his swing. He is everything we are looking for right now.. Let’s hope he stays in the lineup..

    You said: “That’s what makes him an instant fan favorite. He has every reason to be cocky, but that’s not the case at all. He’s a very humble kid, and is just enjoying life. He’s getting paid to play a kid’s game.”

    But, he is a cocky SOB on the field. It’s awesome, there’s a clip of him gunning down a runner then saying “I ain’t havin’ it.” Badass.

    Off the field he’s a lot like Tim though.. Good stuff I liked the Q and A

  • Mr.B says:

    I really liked the article.I think he is going to a star for a long time to come and his confidence level is awesome with the transition to the Majors.I also think his upside is even going to be better than Panda’s since he has way better plate discipline.He has already a good arm to throw out baserunners and it is just a matter of time until he is behind the plate full time.

  • Ed Parker says:

    I see alot of positives in this young man.

    Cocky and confidence sometimes go hand in hand.

    He has all the tools, including a positive attitude while in a ( I believe ) temporary slump.

    I think he’s going to be alot of fun to watch in the coming years.

  • admin says:


    Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s always nice to hear from you. I agree with you about the upside being better than the Panda. I think Pablo is the man, but he needs to have better plate discipline and drop some lbs. Posey is a pure athlete and he’s only going to get better!


  • admin says:

    Hey Ed,

    I think he’s a pure hitter. He’s got a very nice swing and doesn’t try to do to much. Just goes with the pitches and makes hard contact. He’s going to be a fan favorite in San Francisco for years to come! I’m with you on his slump ending very soon.

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  • Ed Parker says:

    Looks like Buster Posey is coming back out of his shell. I’m enjoying watching this young man. He seems to have all the tools.

    I was glad to see Molina go. His catching was average. His hitting this year was below average. His speed is off the bottom of the chart. I’m enjoying seeing whiteside, and posie behind the plate, scoring from second on base hits, and breaking up double plays. Molina was never close enough to the bag to break up a double play.