Q&A With Dan Dibley of KNBR

Hey Giants fans here is a Q&A that Dan Dibley was willing to do for us. As most of you reading this know Dibley works for KNBR. The Giants Flagship Station. Dibley is the Sports/Traffic Anchor. He has been a part of the KNBR Morning Show and Gary Radnich Experience since 2005.


King: What’s your thoughts on Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean coming back in 2010?
Dibley: I think Bruce Bochy did a nice job by enlarge of making that collection of players successful in 2009. I don’t think many skippers would have gotten 90 wins out of the group of hitters. I’m glad to see him back. As for Sabean, while some of his free agent signings are questionable, I applaud him for “trying” to upgrade the offense with Sanchez/Garko. That said, this is his last contract, unless they make a big run in the next 2 years.

King: Who is your favorite player, current and all time?

Dibley: My current favorite player is probably Brian Wilson. He has really nasty stuff and just an odd-enough personality to succeed as a closer. I’d put Affeldt and Velez as my two runners-up, though I have a big soft spot for Freddie Lewis and Randy Winn. My all-time favorite would have to be Willie McCovey. He was in his heyday while I was growing up.

King: What is your best Giants memory?

Dibley: I’d have to say my best memory, and I cannot recall the exact date, was the night of the double-header with the Dodgers back at the Stick when anarchy ruled. I was in the outfield seats when fans began jumping over the wall, clamoring for home run balls, even on short pop ups. It was the last night they allowed fans to leave the seats and chase down HR balls. The crowd was unruly a bit but it was an awesome night.

King: What free agent player out there would you like to see the Giants go after?

Dibley: I would like them to go after Jason Bay, a power hitter who will not totally kill the Giants defense.

King: There has been rumors about a Cain, Fielder trade. If you were the GM would you make this trade?

Dibley: Initially, I would have made that trade but something about the deal does not feel right for me. Maybe it’s the fit of Fielder with the Giants but my gut says don’t do it.

King: There are some 09 Giants players that are now free agents. Which players would you like to see brought back?

Dibley: I would love for them to bring Bengie Molina back, but for only one year, a pipe dream I realize. Aside from that, it’s good that Freddy Sanchez is coming back but aside from that, they can all pretty much go away.

King: There is a lot of people that want to see Posey as the starting catcher next season. Do you think Posey is ready for that role?

Dibley: I don’t think he is ready to be the everyday catcher. The inside word is that he needs to get more musculature. Once he gets bigger he will tear it up. 

King: What’s your thoughts on the NL having a DH?

Dibley: Hate the DH. Always have, always will. Baseball is a game of 9 on 9. We teach kids the ethos of playing the field and getting rewarded with an AB. The DH ruins that.

King: For the record… Who do you enjoy working with more.. Murph and Mac or Gary?

Dibley: Murph and Mac are the main course and Gary is the dessert. I get a well balanced meal from 5-9 then I get a terrific, varied “treat” from 9-10:30ish. I’m the the luckiest broadcaster in the market to be able to span two great, yet different shows.

King: Is there anything you want to let Giants fans know about you that they might not know?
Dibley: I love my job at KNBR and it is a partial culmination of my dreams. The fact that a mediocre student who never played professional sports can be such an integral part of a 50,000 watt sports station is testimony to the fact that dreams come true. I want people to know that dreams do in fact come true so keep believing and don’t give up, don’t ever give up.

I just want to say thank you very much to Dan Dibley for taking the time to do this Q&A for us. You can check out Dibley’s blog at dandibley.com and you can also follow him on twitter (twitter.com/dandibley). 

~King of Cali

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  • Damon says:

    Hey Dan,

    I was at that twinight double-header against the Dodgers, and I too will never forget it. I was in left-field at first, and do you remember the dogpiles that would follow the pop-ups, and fans shaking the left field fence. My buddy and I went behind homeplate for the last innings of the second game, and in the ninth the ump gave the Dodgers the go-ahead run on a balk call. The fans went ballistic. And on the next foul ball, everyone started chanting “hit the ump, hit the ump,” and then the fan who caught the foul went for it, and zinged it at the ump missing him by a couple of feet. Crazy.

  • Dave says:

    I was also at that game. We started out deep down the third base line, almost near the bleachers. One of my biggest memories is some Dodger fan who was dressed head to tail in Dodger blue was taunting us until a fellow Giant fan stepped in kicked the snot out of the guy — right there in front of a cheering crowd. That was one of many, many fights that night. We also lost both games in extra innings (including the second one courtesy of ‘Balking Bob’ Davidson) and they would only give us one Croix button for our efforts (it was over at 1:20 in the morning), which I still have. 🙂

  • nostocksjustbonds says:

    why would anyone ask about a Cain 4 Prince Fielder trade? It’s never gonna happen and it never was. It wasn’t even a legitimate rumor. Please. Let that bad fake internet trade proposal die and never speak of it again…Ugh.

  • ThinTim says:

    Dan Dibley is a boob.

  • kaliber says:

    “by and large”

  • admin says:

    Sounds like that trade rumor really gets under your skin. That trade rumor I got back and forth with. The Giants do need a big bat, and Fielder has that big bat. It’s nice to know how other fans thoughts are about this trade proposal. Do you have thoughts about another trade for the Giants that can get a big bat over here?

    ~King of Cali

  • admin says:

    This must be Thin Tim from KNBR? lol

    ~King of Cali

  • nostocksjustbonds says:

    it isn’t the rumor that gets under my skin it is that it is a non-starter for any new discussion and a waste of time. Maybe Dan Dibley is the one person on the planet who hasn’t made his/her views known, but it just doesn’t matter anymore. It’s time to move on.

    I didn’t mean to blast you, but that trade will never happen, yet it has been discussed ad nauseum by Giants fans. It is the proverbial dead horse. The way the question was asked made it seem like its a current and active rumor, which it isn’t.

    I’ll respond below regarding my own ideas.

  • admin says:


    At the time this Q&A was started with Dibley this rumor did get brought back up by a few different media outlets. Thats why at the time it was a good question to ask. It’s fine, I don’t mind your comments. That’s exactly what this site is for. To get fans to speak out about what they think the team should or shouldn’t do. Express how they feel on topics. It’s always nice to have fans with different perspectives to even debate them. Everyone thinks they’re a GM, so it’s nice to see everyone’s thoughts on what moves they would do. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We can even post something with different fans thoughts on a certain topic. Look fwd to hearing back from you soon.

    ~King of Cali

  • nostocksjustbonds says:

    The question of whether the Giants need the proverbial “big bat” is based on a false premise that the “big bat” is available or even exists. It also assumes they don’t already have one: Sandoval is a big bat. He is a guy the team should build around.

    What they need are more complimentary players who aren’t first pitch slop hackers, but who know how to work counts, draw walks and get on base ahead of him. Repeat: They need more players who can get on base more frequently. Nick Johnson is such a guy. The Giants could probably sign him to a 1-year deal for relatively cheap and he could hit 3rd ahead of Sandoval.

    Second, Molina has to go. It sounds as if the team will offer him arbitration, which is a mistake imo, unless they’re absolutely 110% positive that he won’t accept. But he is awful and perhaps the worst everyday hitter in baseball. Surely, Posey can do better. They could sign Jason Kendall to platoon with Posey, but who will primarily be a backup. That would probably be a relatively inexpensive one year deal and provide some security for Posey’s expected rookie struggles as well as ease his transition to the majors and help keep him relatively fresh for September and hopefully October. Posey may not hit for 20+ homers as a rookie but I would expect 10-15 homers and 30+ doubles out of him. he also will be able to work the count and draw walks and I’d bat him 2nd. Simply replacing Molina in the lineup will be a net-plus for the offense, plus it’d save some dough.

    Unfortunately, the team is hamstrung by the FA market and their prior bad moves (Zito, Rowand, Renteria). There isn’t much that can be done about any of these players, without trading them in a bad contract swap or just eating the money (Which won’t happen in Zito or Rowand’s case.)

    Also, there aren’t any good SS’s available on the FA market and the trade market is pretty thin as well, so the team will just have to live with Renteria at SS unless they can re-sign Uribe, which doesn’t sound likely. Or they can go with Frandsen/Burriss/Rohlinger, which options aren’t that appealing, though Rohlinger would be the best of them.

    If they could deal Rowand for Bradley (as has been suggested) it might work out on paper, but Bradley is quite injury prone and a total headcase, so that’d be a huge risk.

    Unfortunately (again), the Giants are quite limited in what they can do, unless they are willing to deal prospects Mad Bum, Neal, Crawford, et al, but they wouldn’t likely get the return that would make it worth it and it’d probably still bust the budget. That’s why, unless something unexpected happens and they really shake things up, 2010 will look like a combo of 2008 and 2009 and the team will not be making the playoffs.

  • Mavizzle 25 says:

    Loved the Q&A
    Dibs is awesome!!

  • G D says:

    Dan, great coverage of the Quakes. Saw it last night on Comcast. Sporting the months color of “Pink” and looking very sexy with that South Beach tan. Mom and the gals were proud. Cool stuff…You are a hero to our youth.

  • Bring It says:

    Dibley is a pompous, wise ass who I find extremely annoying to listen to. This guy must hang out with 14 old half wits in his off hours.That’s the depth and originality of his humor. In fact, like many of my friends, we turn OFF KNBR when he is on. What about a “Spare the Air Day” for when this joker comes on? Do all of us a favor and shut off your radio in protest. Who can I pay off at KNBR to get Dibley canned?