Q&A With Pablo Sandoval

Sandoval-WeightsIt’s been a busy week with all the latest San Francisco Giants news. SF Giants Rumors was able to get an Exclusive Pablo Sandoval Video, and now we want to put the icing on the cake!
Giants slugger Pablo Sandoval has also taken time between workouts to do a short Q&A with SF Giants Rumors.
SF Giants Rumors: Who was your favorite baseball player as a kid growing up?
Pablo: Omar Vizquel
SF Giants Rumors: What kind of music is on your iPod?
Pablo: Reggaeton and Hip hop
SF Giants Rumors: Other than AT&T Park, what is your favorite stadium to play in?
Pablo: Arizona
SF Giants Rumors: What’s your typical offseason day like?
Pablo: Workout, if I am on an off day I like to go to the beach.
SF Giants Rumors: If you weren’t a baseball player. What would you be doing?
Pablo: I would be a lawyer.
SF Giants Rumors: Do you have any personal goals for this upcoming season?
Pablo: Win the World Series and post numbers like .300/30/100
SF Giants Rumors: Is there any teams that you follow as a fan in other sports?
Pablo: Miami Heat and Kerri Walsh’s beach volleyball team.
SF Giants Rumors: Any message you want to send to Giants fans?
Pablo: A New Panda will be back to help his team win another World Series in 2011.
This was just a short Q&A with Pablo, so fans can get to know a little more about the Kung Fu Panda. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions for all the Giants fans. We look forward to more Q&A’s, and SF Giants Rumors would like to wish you the best of luck on this up coming season!
~King of Cali

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  • Eric Parks says:


    I have to say.. I hope you come back because you were horrible last year. Sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes. Stop swinging at crap and stop walking to the plate taping your cleats; looking up to the sky or all that other crap you do before getting in the box. Just hit the damn ball and start having some patience at the plate… Patience at the plate will keep you off the bench.. Ahhhh.. Thanks for letting me vent!

  • ID says:

    Sounds like Panda is locked in. I’m confident he’ll stay in shape, take a few more walks, and not try too hard.

    Giants fans support him!

  • admin says:

    Hey Eric,

    We know it was a down year from his previous season. I’m sure he’s trying to get himself back to the 2009 Panda. Every player is usually there own worse critic. I’m confident that Pablo will have a bounce back year. He seems really dedicated to getting himself there.


  • That is why Pablo is a left-hander playing 3B throwing right-handed: he admired Vizquel so much that he eventually learned to throw right-handed in order to play SS when he was younger.

    He shocked the hell out of his teammates in minor league when a hot smash to 3B knocked his glove off, so in a bang bang reaction play, he reached down with his closest hand – his LEFT hand – and threw a bullet to 1B to throw out the hitter.

    The problem with Pablo was not his routine – if routine was a problem, then Joe Morgan’s chicken wing flap would have been a huge problem – it was because he was distracted by personal problems. Also, he was not horribly in 2010, he was merely average, which is horrible compared to what he had done before and what we were expecting, but not in relationship to what other 3B were doing. And his problem was not impatience, else he would not have done so well in 2008 and 2009, when he was just as impatience. However, to reach his highest potential as a hitter, he will need to learn patience at the plate. But I would rather he swing the bat 99% of the time than see him take a pitch to get a walk. Contrary to misguided opinion, a hit is worth far more than a walk, and extra-base hits, that much more so.

  • Kayaker Dave says:

    The Panda is not done. Obsessive Giant was right. Off year for Panda, but .268 is not horrible. Just dissapointing when your had the 2nd highest batting average in the National league the year before. See everyone at Fanfest!

  • This is the Year of the Panda even if it’s not on the Chinese calendar. The Kung Fu Panda 2 movie is coming out and it’s a harbinger of Pablo’s forthcoming season of awesomeness. The Panda’s goal is clear and achievable (.300/30/100). We are with you in spirit our fine furry friend as you continue to train hard and prepare to play hard in spring training. We await expectantly your arrival at AT&T Park on Opening Day. Go Panda! Go Giants! I’ll be in the cove to get your next splash hit.

  • Giant49er says:

    It’s tapping your cleats, Eric, not taping! I think those little pre-hitting routines are good for anyone … it gets them relaxed and actually brings them to a better focus.
    I like Posey’s routine between pitches … steps out, does a little groundskeeping with his foot, re-evaluates, steps back in with a plan and a purpose. Every guy that makes it to the major leagues has developed these routines. It’s why they’re playing MLB instead of playing some Adult Sunday league somewhere …