Q&A With San Francisco Giants 1st Round Pick Christian Arroyo

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  • 28 June, 2013
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Christian_ArroyoThe San Francisco Giants selected high school shortstop Christian Arroyo with their first pick (25th overall) in the 2013 MLB Draft. Arroyo passed on his full ride scholarship to the University of Florida, and decided to sign with the Giants. In his senior year, Arroyo hit .524 with 13 doubles, 3 triples and 11 homers in 105 AB’s.

Getting To Know Christian Arroyo

Steven: What kind of music is on your iPod?


Christian Arroyo: Every kind possible (rap-indie rock)


Steven: What’s your favorite baseball movie?


Christian Arroyo: The Sandlot


Steven: What is something you love to do other than playing baseball?


Christian Arroyo: Play the drums, Call of Duty and play basketball with my friends.


Steven: If you weren’t playing baseball, what profession would you be in?


Christian Arroyo: Architectural engineering


Steven: When you’re not on the baseball field, where are fans likely to spot you?


Christian Arroyo: At home haha nah, probably at the beach or the river.


Steven: Who was your favorite player as a kid growing up, and who do you think was the greatest player of all time?


Christian Arroyo: Derek Jeter was my favorite, Willie Mays, best ever.


Steven: Is there any teams that you follow as a fan in other sports?


Christian Arroyo: Miami Heat, Tampa Bay Lightning, FC Barecelona and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On To The Baseball Questions

Steven: Where were you and how did you react to the news that you were getting drafted by the San Francisco Giants?


Christian Arroyo: I was at my agent’s office. I can’t remember because I was so excited.


Steven: Prior to being drafted by the Giants, which teams were showing a lot of interest in you?


Christian Arroyo: The Royals, Marlins and Mariners.


Steven: How tough of a decision was it for you to decide to sign with the Giants and pass on your full ride to the University of Florida?


Christian Arroyo: Pretty tough, I’ve always wanted to be a Gator, I’ll just have to wait a little now.


Steven: At what age did you realize that you can make a career out of playing baseball?


Christian Arroyo: About 17


Steven: Before meeting the Giants at AT&T Park, which player were you most excited to meet and why?


Christian Arroyo: Buster Posey because I watched him when he was in college and he was/is a stud.


Steven: Do you have any Pre-game rituals or superstitions?


Christian Arroyo: I always wear 3/4 sleeves with tape on my left wrist. Under my tape is a little pink wristband my little sister gave me for Valentines day and it’s always on while I play.


Steven: Besides playing shortstop, is there any other positions that you feel comfortable at?


Christian Arroyo: Second and Third base.


Steven: Which part of your game are you really going to focus on to help speed up your development process in the minors?


Christian Arroyo: The mental aspect and defense.


Steven: What personal goals have you set for yourself?


Christian Arroyo: To be an everyday big league shortstop.


Steven: I know there’s a lot of excited Giants fans that can’t wait to see you work your way through the farm system and make your Major League Debut. Is there anything you would like to say to all the Giants fans out there?

Christian Arroyo: Thank you for all of the support and I won’t let any of you down. Go Giants!!!!

Steven: Thank you Christian for taking the time to do this Q&A with me. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to watching you work your way up the farm system, and make your Major League debut!

~Steven Robles


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