Road Trip, Rowand & Sandoval Insights

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  • 10 May, 2010
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  Aaron Rowand WallpaperThe San Francisco Giants (18-12) are back from a two city road trip. It started in Florida and ended in New York. It was a good and disappointing trip at the same time. The Giants were able to sweep the Florida Marlins (14-17) and then lost two out of three to the New York Mets (17-14).   The Giants could have easily won one or both of the games they lost to the Mets. I just don’t have any confidence in them once the game is tied in the late innings. Both times in my head I was already expecting them to lose, and both times I was right. Does that make me Nostradamus? The trip was still a successful one. You can’t be mad at a 4-2 trip to Florida and New York.

 Who Was Hot & Who Was Not?

Aaron Rowand was the man on this trip. He hit .357 (AVG) with 3 homers and 11 RBI’s. He had at least 2 RBI’s a game except Saturday’s game in New York. He’s looking like a man on a mission out there. He’s playing great defense and showing he’s capable of coming up with big hits when they count!  

Now the Kung Fu Panda on the other hand is in a nose dive headed straight to the ground. Pablo Sandoval is in his worse slump, so far in his big league career. He’s 3 for 37 in the month of May. That’s an .081 AVG right smack in the middle of our lineup so far during this May stretch. He was hitting .368 at the end of April and now his overall AVG has dropped to .282. Which still is the best average on the Giants.

Sandoval went 3 for 29 on this road trip (.103 AVG). His first two hits came on the first day of the road trip in Florida. I believe a hot or average Sandoval would have helped the Giants scratch out another win or two in New York. I really believe he’s going to get out of his funk in this homestand. Nothing like some home cooking (or fast food) to get you right back on track!

The Giants are now home to face the San Diego Padres (19-12) and the Houston Astros (10-21). I’m really glad the Giants have the Padres at home this time around. For whatever reason we just cant’ go down south and play well against these Padres. Does anyone have any logical reason why? Please let me know if you do, because this is a mystery to me.

~King of Cali  

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