Roster Decisions Still Looming For the Giants

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  • 28 March, 2011
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The Cactus League is finally over and the Giants are back in San Francisco. I can picture the flight back, players were probably singing “I’m going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali” (Notorious B.I.G.). Okay maybe they weren’t, but I do know they were all ready to finally get out of Arizona and start their title defense! After a while these Spring Training games just seem like groundhogs day.
The roster still is not finalized at this time. The Giants are still tight lipped about their plans with Brandon Belt. The closer situation is still up in the air at this time as well. Brian Wilson is likely to start on the DL. Which means another arm has a chance of cracking the Opening Day Roster. If Wilson starts on the DL. He will likely be ready for the Giants Home Opener on April 8th.
Who’s In Right?

Fan favorite Cody Ross is starting the season on the DL, so who’s in right field seems to be the question? The Giants have a number of options they can go with. Maybe they can go with Aubrey Huff in right, which I don’t see happening much. AT&T Park has a spacious right-center field, and you need someone that can cover a lot of ground out there. We have heard of maybe the Giants putting Aaron Rowand in the lineup, and if he plays center, Andres Torres can slide over to right field. Opening Day is Thursday night, so the answer to who’s in right should be answered soon.

Side Notes

Two ex-Giants have been released from their teams, or should I say Ex-teams? Randy Winn (Orioles) and Pedro Feliz (Royals) are currently looking for new teams. If I have to take a wild guess. I would say Winn might be calling it a career and Feliz might be able to get one more team to give him a shot.

~King of Cali

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