San Francisco Giants Left Field Situation

BrianSabeanAs we’re in the midst of the Winter Meetings, the San Francisco Giants will look to fill the gaping hole they have in left field.
With a weak free agent class and the lack of depth within the Giants minor league system, Brian Sabean will need to be creative if he wants to fill the Giants weakest position. I see the Giants looking for a veteran power hitter who can add some pop to the middle of the lineup, not break the bank and not cost the Giants one of their top prospects.
One player who fits the criteria is Josh Willingham of the Minnesota Twins. Though Willingham had an off year in 2013 for the Twins, he hit 35 home runs and had 110 RBI’s in 2012. He has a history as a good power hitter with a better than average on base percentage. Willingham is not a great defensive player but the Giants will not be able to find a player who can both hit for power and play good defense without parting ways with a top prospect or an everyday player. The Twins are rebuilding and may let Willingham go for cheap (Joe Panik?) with the Giants taking over his 7 million dollars a year salary.
If the Giants want a top level outfielder like a Matt Kemp or Giancarlo Stanton, they’ll have to offer one of their top prospects (Kyle Crick for example) and I don’t see Sabean doing this after losing Zack Wheeler to the New York Mets in the Carlos Beltran deal. Either way, if the Giants want to keep up with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sabean will need to add a left fielder who can fit in with Bruce Bochy‘s managerial style. Giants fans, knowing that the Giants most likely will not trade a top prospect or over pay for a free agent, who do you think they should trade for or sign as a free agent to play left field?
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~Angel Viera
Twitter: @SportsBarAngel
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  • terry says:

    anybody in the minors excite anyone? it may be the revolving left field position again.

  • fast freddie says:

    Ball together our Sabean with Zack Wheeler and Carlos Beltran and recall the Barry Zito deal he made and you can see where this man has failed miserably…time to make amends or you can start kissin fans goodbye …get us a power hitting LFer or GET OUT OF DODGE

  • Don Evans says:

    I would work with Pill in Spring Training and try to develop him as a starter in LF. Bring in Blanco and/or Perz as late inning replacements when we have a lead.

  • Mike says:

    I still think Michael Morse would come cheap, and the power potential is there. He battled injuries last year, and was asked to be a main component in a weak Seattle lineup, then was dealt to Baltimore when they already had pieces. I think stashing him in the 6 or 7 hole would add ample power needs, and then Blanco can simply be the role he’s meant to be as a big leaguer- defensive replacement

  • Mr B says:

    I like Corey Hart on a 2 year deal. Corey can hit 30 plus hrs and knock in 100 RBI a year.I know he is a risk because of his surgery on his knees but he would be a huge upgrade without trading talent in the minors.

  • fast freddie says:

    There are numerous choices to pick from and all I have seen look good even if they do not all have the tool…BUT….anything will beat last years Blanco and Torres

  • Johnny Polanco says:

    I’d take a flyer on Corey Hart.

  • If Pagan is healthy, I would be OK with a Blanco Perez platoon. It wouldn’t have been an issue last year if Pagan had been healthy. It is tempting to KEEP all those kids we have down at SJ and then REALLY wheel and deal next year when they are proven pitchers. There might be as many as five of them that might be worth something.

  • Anthony says:

    With a healthy Pagan look for the Giants to take it to the Dogders.
    Hart’s going to Seattle. I think the Brett Pill in left idea could work out. He’s a beast but still hasn’t proven he can hit in the majors despite his potential.

    Josh Willingham may work out. He doesn’t field great? Remember Candy Maldonado? My gut would wrench with every fly ball to right in the playoffs but he filled a needed offensive gap for us then. It was worth the risk.