San Francisco Giants: More Losses Isn’t A Bad Thing

Chris Stratton: Giants 1st Round Pick (20th Overall) In 2012 First-Year Player Draft

Chris Stratton: Giants 1st Round Pick (20th Overall) In 2012 First-Year Player Draft

With 133 games down and just 29 left on the schedule, the San Francisco Giants find themselves 19 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers for first place in the National League West and 15.5 games behind the Cincinnati Reds for the second Wild Card spot.


Even if the Giants finish the season 29-0, the Dodgers could go 11-18 and still have a better record, while the Reds could go 15-14. The Giants would need to finish 22-7 just to get to .500, and even if they pulled off this unlikely accomplishment, the Reds would still be better with a 7-22 finish and the Dodgers could go 4-25.


Indeed, little no hope remains for the Giants in 2013. With each passing day, the math becomes increasingly impossible. Considering that the Giants are all but eliminated from playoff contention in 2013, what’s everyone’s obsession with winning the remaining games? Sure, it’s nice when the Giants win, but a loss could be more advantageous in the long run.


Yes, we’re talking about the 2014 MLB First Year Player Draft, a joyous day in June. The first overall pick in the annual draft goes to the team with the worst record from the year prior, and the subsequent picks are assigned on a worst-to-first basis.


Currently, the Giants are tied with the Seattle Mariners for the seventh-worst record in Major League Baseball (59-74). If the season ended today, they would have the eighth overall pick in the 2014 draft, because a tie goes to the team with the worse record from the previous year (the Mariners were worse than the Giants in 2012).


Have a look at the bottom of the standings for yourself:



Record GB
14. Colorado


13. Philadelphia



12. San Diego



11. Toronto



10. LA Angels



9. NY Mets



8. Giants



7. Seattle



6. Milwaukee



5. Minnesota



4. Chi Sox



3. Chi Cubs




Notice that the Miami Marlins and Houston Astros aren’t on this list. The Chicago Cubs are six games ahead of the Marlins and Astros are six games behind the Marlins. Yikes.


Also note that the Washington Nationals have the 15th-best record, 5.5 games ahead of the Colorado Rockies.


As you can see from the chart above, the Giants are just 3.5 games away from having the third overall pick in the 2014 draft, and three games away from the 14th overall pick.


If Once the Giants are eliminated, and their games become meaningless, are a few wins down the stretch in September—to “finish the season on a high note”—really worth up to 11 draft slots? Heck no techno!


The Giants used top-10 draft picks to win championships. Here were their 2006-2009 draft picks: Tim Lincecum (#10, 2006), Madison Bumgarner (#10, 2007), Buster Posey (#5, 2008), and Zack Wheeler (#6, 2009).


The Giants haven’t had nearly as much success with their recent lower first round draft choices. They selected Gary Brown 24th overall in 2010 and Joe Panik 29th overall in 2011. Brown is struggling to a .233/.288/.382 slash line this season at AAA-Fresno after a promising start in the minors and Panik hitting just .260/.335/.347 for Double-A Richmond.


San Francisco did select Kyle Crick 49th overall in 2011, and he’s been outstanding for Single-A San Jose this year, but he’s still several years away, and picks that high don’t typically pan out. Crick’s excellence at 49th overall is the exception, not the rule.


In closing, the next time the Giants lose a heartbreaker, or a bad call goes against them, you need not feel the sting of agony in your gut! In a season where almost all is completely lost, losses can be thought of as small victories.


In last night’s game, Hector Sanchez was up with 2 outs in the ninth representing the tying run. Most of me wanted him to homer to tie the game, and I had that sinking feeling when he was down to his final strike. But after he grounded out to second and the game was over, part of me felt slightly satisfied. The Giants had moved closer to a better 2014 draft pick. Sometimes you have to keep digging to find the greatest treasure.

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~Benjamin Kaspick


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  • Bill Taylor says:

    The logic works. The effect will pan out only of the Giants pick well !

  • Mr. B says:

    I agree that losing isn’t a bad thing with this many games back. I still would like to see the giants bring up more AAA guys and see if they are major league ready for next year.
    We are going to need a outfield RBI power bat in the off season for starters along with some better bull pen pitching which seems to give the game away in the later innings.

  • Loosing sucks!!!!! says:

    Great advice! Lets suck more! Spoken like someone who doesn’t go to ball games. When is the last time the giants finished last in the west? Who was the last team to win the WS and finish in last place the following year? Not great company to be in. Don’t forget we are bringing bAck the same lackluster error ridden team next season so if we can’t win this season what makes you think next year will be any better? I want to see error free ball, solid defense and base hits with risp. You can have the draft pick. Loosing sucks!!!!’ I don’t care what time if year it is!!!

  • Rick Edmonston says:

    Play to win every game! PERIOD!