Sergio Romo’s Tenure Has Ended in San Francisco

Sergio Romo
Photo Courtesy of Jesse Montellano

When the season came to an end, most San Francisco Giants fans knew that reliever Sergio Romo would likely not be returning. As the offseason was marching on, Romo’s name wasn’t brought up that often. However, you knew he would end up signing with someone. I honestly believed he would sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers before the 2016 season ever ended. It just makes sense, he grew up a Dodgers fan and everyone knows his father is a die hard Dodgers fan.

Now that it’s confirmed and a done deal, I don’t hold any grudges and I’m thankful for all that Romo has done with the Giants. I’m sure most fans are gonna cheer him and be excited to see him, even in a Dodgers uniform. However, when the game is on the line and he’s pitching against us… I can’t guarantee that fans won’t be booing or doing a little heckling.

“I would like it if everyone would just stop talking trash about me and my life, as I truly will be leaving my heart in San Francisco and that’s no lie.” ~ Sergio Romo

Long story short, Romo will always be a fan favorite and a true Giant to me. He’s a huge part of three World Series Championships, and he brought that fun exciting energy to the Giants club house. We wish you the best of luck with your career, even though we hope your team doesn’t win much!

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