SF Giants Blogs Around The Web: Lincecum For Rios Trade, Blanco’s Success, Posey, Belt, Etc.

PoseyGiantsA reflection from Lunatic Fringe on the Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios Trade That Never Was… Or Will Be?


A look at why the San Francisco Giants should be focusing on the objectives rather than the goal from Miracle At Coogan’s Bluff.


A great review of Gregor Blanco‘s success as a substitute for Angel Pagan from Lefty Malo.


Buster Posey and Brandon Belt lineup rosterbation by Bay Area Sports Guy.


A 1:1 Interview with Nicole Vogelsong by Giants Gamer Babe (BayAreaSportsGuy.com).

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~Paul Ghiglieri


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1 Comment

  • Bud Kelly says:

    Want to make some changes that will set the team on fire……….. easy (Start managing the game) Their has to be more to it than just handing in the line up and going to sleep for 6 innings……..The manger should set the game tone for the first 3 x through the line up….
    1. take the bat away from some players untill they have 2 strikes…
    2. look for early game walks
    3. make sure you hit behind every runner.
    4. Run and hit….. steal a base or 2
    5. Keep the pressure on the “high”by taking early inning risks
    6. Tell your guys to guess on an early pitch and swing to hit it out of the park
    7. On the 3rd strike cut down on your swing and put it in play
    8. practice on how to hit a foul ball and run the pitch count up then tale the walk .
    * I don’t see much hard nose managing going on early in the game to create runs
    Slide Kelly Slide BK