SF Giants Blogs Around The Web: Lineup, June Schedule, Nolasco and Lincecum

SF-Giants-Rumors-LogoAn examination of the San Francisco Giants‘ batting order, both now and in the future from Miracle At Coogan’s Bluff.


A look at Jeremy Affeldt‘s struggles from McCoveyChronicles.com.


A look at the Giants remaining June schedule from Yardbarker.com


An argument for why Ricky Nolasco is the perfect fit for the Giants at the trade deadline from Chris Stephens at BleacherReport.com.


A plea to trade Tim Lincecum from Wendy Thurm at BayAreaSportsGuy.com.

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~Paul Ghiglieri


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1 Comment

  • Don Evans says:

    I think it is time the G-Men start looking at putting Perez in the line up in CF. Move Blanco to LF and sit Torres. Also, with Scutaro and Sandoval back, start playing for the big inning at the top of the order and playing small ball in the lower half. Look at a lineup like tis: 1) Perez CF, 2) Scutaro 2B, 3) Sandoval 3B, 4) Posey C, 5) Pence RF, 6) Belt 1B, 7) Blanco LF, 8) Crawford SS, and 9) Pitcher. Finally, put Zito and Linceum in the BP and trade for a starting Pitcher. With Vogelsong and Gaudin coming off the DL in early July go with the following starters: 1) Cain, 2)Bumgarner, 3) Gaudin, 4) Vogelsong, and 5) ?? Trade. Just some thoughts. Don