SF Giants Rumors – More Cuts, Wilson Cleared, DeRosa Injured?

The San Francisco Giants have made more roster cuts. The following seven players have been given red tags in their lockers. Not really, but they have been sent down to the minor league training camp.
Emmanuel Burriss
Darren Ford
Felix Romero
Casey Daigle
Shane Loux
Jackson Williams
Brad Eldred

Wilson On The DL For Opening Day?

No way Jose! At least that’s not the plan as of right now. Brian Wilson has been cleared to start throwing tomorrow. Wilson says he will be ready by Opening Day. Let’s hope he is, or someone else will have to step up to close some games!

Is DeRosa Injured?

Over the weekend I was in Arizona and was able to see the Giants up close and personal. In the clubhouse area I did see Mark DeRosa, and he had his surgically repaired wrist wrapped with ice bags as he was walking around the clubhouse. Only time will tell if that’s a real injury or just a precaution.

San Francisco Giants Reality Series The Franchise

~King of Cali

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