SF Giants Blogs Around The Web: How The Giants Can Start Winning Again, Was Barry Zito’s Contract Worth It, Etc.

Zito SigningCheck out the links below for the must read articles about your favorite team around the web!

How the San Francisco Giants can start winning again, now and in the future from MiracleAtCoogansBluff.

The “tragic, meaningless collapse of the San Francisco Giants” by Michael Baumann at Grantland.
Was Barry Zito‘s contract worth it? A look from Barry Neyer at SB Nation.
Andres Torres: A Good Giant by Carmen Kiew at BayAreaSportsGuy.com.
A rant on Giants-related catch-phrases used by media, front office, and coaches from Richard Dyer at TheGiantsCove.com.
An open letter to Zito from OneFlapDown77.com.
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~Paul Ghiglieri
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