SF Giants Blogs Around The Web: Rotation, Scouting Reports, Zito, Pence and Belt

Below is the links from last Friday’s feature of SF Giants Blogs Around The Web. We were unable to post since last week for multiple reasons, but still wanted to pass along the must read links!

An in-depth look at starting rotation’s woes from Paul Ghiglieri at MiracleAtCoogansBluff.com.

Humorous take from Grant Brisbee at McCoveyChronicles.com on Lost Scouting Reports given the HOF’s recent release of R.A. Dickey‘s scouting report.

Funny examination from Chris Quick at BayCityBall.com of Barry Zito‘s lone career base hit to right field.

A great case for signing Hunter Pence long term from DP over at DodgerHater.blogspot.com.

Scott Willis at The Crazy Crabbers on Brandon Belt discussing swing mechanics with Keith Law.

~Paul Ghiglieri


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