SF Giants Rumors: Final Home Series, Scutaro Streak, Cabrera Announcement, Lineup, Etc.


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The final series of the 2012 regular season starts tonight. The great news is it’s not the final games played at AT&T Park. With the NL West Championship clinched, the San Francisco Giants will be getting some time to shine in October (playoffs).
Marco Scutaro is entering tonight’s contest with a 12-game hitting streak on the line. He’s been boiling hot ever since he put on the Giants uniform, I’m shocked it’s not a longer streak than that?!?!

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says the Giants are expected to make an announcement today is to whether or not Melky Cabrera will be allowed to play in any potential National League Championship Series games.

 Tonight’s Lineup

1. Pagan CF
2. Scutaro 2B
3. Sandoval 3B
4. Posey 1B
5. Pence RF
6. Sanchez C
7. Blanco LF
8. Crawford SS
9. Lincecum P

I’m sure you were able to catch that Tim Lincecum is pitching to Hector Sanchez. I like Sanchez behind the dish, but this is basically saying that when the playoffs start, Buster Posey will not be catching Lincecum. Which means more players will be out of their regular positions during the playoffs. Let’s hope that doesn’t end up backfiring on the G-men.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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