SF Giants Rumors: Haft Chimes In On Playoffs, Start Times For Game 1, 2 And 3

Chris Haft of MLB.com tells me that he’s not sure of the San Francisco Giants chances during the 2012 Playoffs.
“It wouldn’t surprise me if they reach the World Series and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Reds wiped them out in three or four games,” says Haft.

I must say, I really do agree with Haft. I think it really comes down to the starting pitching. They seem to have their ups and downs. It remains to be seen as to which starting staff will show up come playoff time. The good thing is this Giants lineup seems more capable of scoring runs to help these starters out. Let’s hope for a 2010 repeat!

Game 1, 2 and 3

Games one and two (Saturday/Sunday) will be held at AT&T Park, and both will be starting at 6:37pm Pacific Standard time. Game three (Tuesday) in Cincinnati will be starting at 2:37pm Pacific Standard time. Time to start thinking of ways to get off work early, or think of your excuse to call in sick.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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