SF Giants Rumors: Sergio Romo Cuffed At Las Vegas Airport

Posted on January 3rd, 2013 by admin in SF Giants Rumors


Photo Courtesy of Jesse Montellano

Photo Courtesy of Jesse Montellano

TMZ has contacted SF Giants Rumors to let us know that fan favorite Sergio Romo was handcuffed on New Year’s Day at the Las Vegas airport.
TMZ was told that Romo was getting into it with a TSA agent, and then got angry and aggressive. TMZ’s article also points out that it appeared Romo was under the influence.

No need to worry San Francisco Giants fans. Things could be much worse. All he did was make a little noise and cause a scene at the airport. I’m sure they have seen much worse at that Vegas airport!

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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4 Responses to “SF Giants Rumors: Sergio Romo Cuffed At Las Vegas Airport”

  1. What happened with the charges against Pablo, from Spring 2012?

  2. Wait! He only looks illegal!

  3. No doubt he did what everyone else was thinking

  4. To David – The charges against Pablo were reportedly dropped according to bay area news sources, during summer 2012, with investigations officially ending at that time.
    To Dug – Funny! Go Sergio! Go Giants!!!

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