SF Giants Rumors – 2011 Arbitration Edition


Cody Ross Advance to NLCSThe San Francisco Giants and the rest of the baseball world are getting ready for January. January 5-15 is when players will be able to file for salary arbitration. January 18 is when teams/players exchange salary arbitration figures. Which means the player will submit a salary they think they should be paid, and the team also submits a salary they believe the player should be paid.
February 1-21 is when the arbitration hearings take place. The arbitrator will choose the salary submitted by the player or team to determine the players 2011 salary. Last year the Giants were headed to an arbitration hearing with Tim Lincecum, and worked out a 2 year ($23 million) deal just minutes before meeting with the arbitrator.
At the start of the offseason the Giants had 8 players that were arbitration eligible. One has been resigned and one has been non-tendered.
OF – Cody Ross
OF – Andres Torres
SP – Jonathan Sanchez
IF – Mike Fontenot (resigned 1 year)
RP – Javier Lopez
RP – Santiago Casilla
RP – Ramon Ramirez
RP – Chris Ray (non tendered)
The Giants have also non-tendered Eugenio Velez, and he has since signed with the Dodgers.

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2 thoughts on “SF Giants Rumors – 2011 Arbitration Edition

  • 29 December, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    The Torres and Sanchez figures are going to be super interesting. I wonder if the Sanchez figure will push them to trade him.

  • 30 December, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Broken record here: love Sanchez but would love even more a straight up trade Sanchez for Cory Hart.

    Why is it that former Giants love to sign with the dang Dodgers? There should be a law or something.

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