SF Giants Rumors: 2012 Shortstop Options

We know the San Francisco Giants have a hole at shortstop that they need to fill. Brandon Crawford has said his goal is to be the 2012 Opening Day shortstop. If the Giants decide to go the free agent route. The top three names that stick out are listed below.
2012 Free Agent Shortstops
Jose Reyes – I would love to see Reyes in a Giants uniform. The Giants have a need at short, and Reyes can fill that spot as well as the leadoff problem. Reyes is going to command a very big contract for his services. Reyes is a guy that can spark any teams offense, and the only knock on him is he’s injury-prone. Considering our 2011 injury season, it’s a big knock!

Reyes made $11 million this year, and is seeking a long-term contract.

Jimmy Rollins – Is a former MVP and great player to add to the top of the Giants lineup. J-Roll was born in Oakland California, so he might be interested in playing in the Bay Area. Rollins will also solve the Giants leadoff problem as well.

Rollins made $8.5 million this year, and is coming off a 5 year deal worth $40 million.

Rafael Furcal – Furcal plays the game hard, but I believe the Giants will pass on him. He’s injury-prone and after this year’s injuries. I’m sure they want to stay away as far as possible with injury-prone guys. With that said I would still take the chance with Reyes. Furcal will is the type of leadoff hitter the G-Men would love to have.

Furcal made $12 million this year, and has a $12 million club option.

Other Shortstop Options

These aren’t the Giants only options to think about at short. Just some names to kick the tires on. What’s your thoughts on the 2012 Opening Day shortstop?

2012 Shortstop Reactions

Here are some comments from fans of SF Giants Rumors Facebook page.

Stephen Goodrich – “I would love to see Rollins come to the bay. Good average that can occasionally splash some power!! Great defense! Crawford will continue to improve but the Giants need consistency in the lineup in 2012!!”

Rodney Weathers – “Rollins for a year or two.. Maybe more (plus he’s a Bay Area native) and relief from Crawford as he figures out his hitting.”

David Wagoner – “Go with the home grown, Crawford, and he is a better fielder than the rest. He will eventually hit, go Crawfish!”

Nicolas James Huff – “Reyes or Rollins please!”

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    G’s management needs to step up to the plate and stop playing tiddlywinks.

    Cabrera is arguably better than Furcal. We don’t want any more hand-me-down Phillies, either. Crawford could back Reyes, and maybe the Giants trainers could keep Reyes healthier. Given his injuries, he may get 3-4 years, not 7.

  • Mr. B says:

    Any of the 3 would be a upgrade at this point.I do believe that we will sign one of them for a 2 to 3 yr deal since the Giants love Joe Panik their SS of the future in the minors.

  • Anthony says:

    I love Crawford but we need a legitmate leadoff hitter. Both Reyes and Rollins can fill that void.
    Crawford could be back up for either one.
    Cut loose Cabrera he looks old; sorry.

  • Anthony says:

    And I agree with David the Giants sold out alot of games this year. It’s time to open the purse strings and get some talented bats.
    They let Gonzales go but they can at least try for Rollins; Reyes and Fielder. Hopefully trade Sanchez for Corey Hart and sign him to a long term deal.

  • Hector Cuebas says:

    I would prefer Rollins for two years and see if Crawford develops. Reyes and Furcal are too injury prone. We donot need an infirmary once again. Also Reyes appears he would be too expensive. We need the money for another bat and to re-sign Beltran.

  • Josh Chastain says:

    Defensively, Crawford is a better choice than any free agent out there. If we’re just talking sticks, I agree he isn’t exactly a spark plug yet. But picture this: we get a premiere bat (Fielder) surround him with Panda and Posey, lead off with Sanchez or Keppinger until OF prospect Gary Brown is ready to step up. If you don’t know about him yet he’s putting up good OBP so far…. More money this way for big bats (possibly even bringing back Beltran) if he’s ready this season, we have our lead off hitter

  • cameron datzker says:

    I would love to have Jose Reyes lead off and play shortstop, and I would resign Carlos Beltran to a 4 year pact. If The Giants have Beltran for a full season it would add sparks to this line-up. Beltran’s out suitors would be The Red-Soxs, Yankees, Angels,. If I where Giants New CEO Larry Baer I would look seriously at Beltran.

  • Don Evans says:

    I would start playing Crawford daily the remainder of this season and have him lead off. He has a good eye, speed and does make contact. As for Beltran, sign him for two years, but no more.

  • JTGleason says:

    Angels’ middle infielders Kendrick, Izturis, and Erick Aybar are all FA in 2013, and it is unlikely that they’ll keep them all. Kendrick is a keeper, and Izturis will resign cheap. Angels’ fans have been eyeing Matt Cain for the longest time. Cain’s salary jumps to $15M in 2012, and unless they plan to retain him, they could save $10M for an Aybar swap, and get a quality SS, and a payroll deduction.