SF Giants Rumors: Affeldt, Scutaro, Pagan, Victorino and Hunter

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Jeremy Affeldt has passed his physical, which was the final step in completing the 3-year ($18 million) deal. A formal announcement should be coming from the San Francisco Giants soon.
Multiple sources have told Schulman the Giants are fairly confident that they will sign infielder Marco Scutaro. The deal would likely be a two-year deal, and Scutaro isn’t looking to break the bank either. I believe 2-years for $12 million would be a good deal for Scutaro and the Giants.

Schulman also says outfielder Angel Pagan isn’t looking to sign quickly, as he’s sorting out several offers. The Giants can’t sit and wait forever, so they have already checked in on other free agent outfielders like Shane Victorino and Torii Hunter as insurance.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    Maybe the Giants should also consider Ethier, who the Dodgers are likely to trade?

  • Terri says:

    Ok, if it isn’t Pagan (hope it is, though), then Torii Hunter…even Ethier, rather than Victorino. Too much history with Shane.

  • King says:

    We can take Hunter off the options list, since he just signed with the Tigers for 2-years, $26 million.

    ~King of Cali

  • Alex says:

    No interest in Ichiro? I think he’d be our best bet if we can’t get Pagan back. I heard Torii Hunter signed with Detroit today. and Victorino is a bum.

  • Charles S. Sylvia says:

    Yes sign Scutaro! But be fair about the bucks you offer him. There is not another player on the team that is as productive at the plate as Marko is. Maybe he doesn’t hit a lot of home runs but his hits either drive in runs or result in runs scored. Look at the resords they speak for them selves. Also remember he was the MVP!

  • Charles S. Sylvia says:

    Now when you get on the playing field, again look at his record. He can play SS as well as SB with equal agility and perfection. There isn’t a lot of errors scored against him either. So what do you offer this very good infielder. The best deal you can possibly come up with. He is worth it!

  • Johnny Polanco says:

    @Charles, it’s Marco not Marko and are you serious? You’re giving us and whoever you’re directing it to info as if we don’t know anything about Scutaro. He is one of the Giants priority fa signings this offseason, it’ll get done relax.

  • Texas Giants Fan says:

    Scutaro is past the average retirement age for a major leaguer. He played lights out for the Giants after the trade, but there is little reason to believe he can do that again. Still, I’d sign him if the price is right. $12mil a year for 2 years is a bit high, but it’s doable.

    Pagan=Torres=Randy Wynn Based on his age (31) and previous years, he is likely to decline, just like Wynn and Torres did after signing nice contracts following a good finish to the season.

    I’d love to see him back, but I am afraid that he’s going to command a far better salary than he’s worth. Not more than 3 years/$30mil. If someone wants to pay him more, and he just wants the best deal, let him walk.

  • Anthony R says:

    Well we definately don’t want Ethier and his bloated contract, let the Dodgers choke on their overblown salaries.

  • remember we have Gary Brown waiting in the wings. Maybe we bring him up and let him learn like the two Brandons. I would like to get a left fielder with a little more pop but I wouldn’t screw up the vibes with someone that didn’t fit in. Don’t let Huff’s screw-up influence things. Go Giants!!!