SF Giants Rumors: Arias Big Night, Zito Era, Struggling Panda

Credit: Steven Robles - SF Giants Rumors

Credit: Steven Robles – SF Giants Rumors

Last night infielder Joaquin Arias didn’t let the rain delay game stop him from having a four hit night. However, his monster night wasn’t enough to get the San Francisco Giants in the win column. They fell to the Nationals 4-2.

Zito Era
Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com says (via TwitterBarry Zito has cleared waivers, and is now eligible to be traded. He’s not likely a trade candidate at this moment. However, there’s only seven weeks left on his $126 million, seven year contract. In another Heyman tweet, he points out that the Giants wouldn’t have likely won the 2012 World Series without Zito.
Struggling Panda
Although Pablo Sandoval managed to get a hit last night, he’s been struggling for a while. Sandoval’s hitting .256 this season, and is hitting .116 for the month of August (5-for-43). The last time Sandoval got an RBI was July 31, in Philadelphia. I’m not blaming the Giants woes on Sandoval, but he’s a big part of this offense. Let’s hope he can get back on track and close this season out with a bang!
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~Steven Robles
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  • Hiting, especially in the big leagues, is about one’s core and the ability to turn on a pitch. With all that weight around Sandoval’s middle he cant turn effectivly and he’s also a problem running the bases. He’s been told this over and over. Talent though he may be, no problem in the field, he subverts himself. While I’d hate to see him elsewhere and there’s really no one to replace him, how much patience can an organization, any organization, possibly have?

  • Paul Moore says:

    If you heard the announcers last night, they say the league all is now pitching him the same. With the outside pitch he may get a few, very few hits, but his power has been compromised. They say a slump, a slump is not season long. I feel they really two weaknesses they must address…one is left field, getting a banger, and two a new 3rd baseman. Do you think that is why they took a power hitting shortstop in round 1 of the draft. Pablo has no decipline at the plate, be it on the table or when he is batting. He has had several years to work on it…still it is getting worse. Time to cut.

  • Bill Taylor says:

    Trade or cut Pablo! He is a man with tremendous talent that he is not using.

  • JeffB says:

    Pablo Sandoval wouldn’t be the first big leaguer to eat himself out of a contract…

    His numbers have gone from All-Star to bench player.

  • fast freddie says:

    Here is a I agree to dis-agree….For almost two years I have seen “Thunder Thighs” play a fantastic game of dupe the management and ownership game and I can not believe they have allowed this to happen…Pablo also has shared his sorcery with Blanco, Torres, and Quiroz…It seems to have turned into a plague…No other team in baseball has let this happen….As Lucy would say…GOOD GRIEF CHARLEY BROWN !!!!

  • Bill Taylor says:

    At a minimum, he should be benched as soon as the September callups arrive. Let’s see what some others can do!

    Like I said, he has superb natural talent. He needs to use his mind and his “plate discipline” (pun intended) to achieve the goals that the Giants should have for him.

  • Anthony says:

    When he’s hot he helps but the Giants have really missed Pagan.

    If they trade Pablo they should do it now while his value is high. They should get at least a starting pitcher for him or high draft picks.

    Otherwise keep him. He will figure it out and just start hitting it the other way or take some walks.

  • Mark says:

    Keep him one more year with strict weight ultimatums as the hook to keep to keep his job or be a role player. Remember, the whole team is in a funk, and probably the only way out of it is to break them up. Should the Panda be the next to go after they cut Zito loose?