SF Giants Rumors: Banana Incident, Lincecum, Bam Bam, Belt NL Player of the Week

Picture courtesy of Marko Realmonte

Picture courtesy of Marko Realmonte

The San Francisco Giants were reviewing the surveillance footage from Sunday’s game because Orioles outfielder Adam Jones said a fan threw a banana at him during the game. However, the Giants couldn’t identify the person that threw the banana at Jones. They also apologized to Jones and the Orioles, reports John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle (via Twitter).

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com reported (via Twitter) on Friday that GM Brian Sabean said a team asked about Tim Lincecum prior to the trade deadline, but it was a team that was on Lincecum’s no-trade list. Sabean did reiterate that the Giants will make Lincecum a qualifying offer.
With the Giants hitting struggles this year, there’s no plan to fire hitting coach Hensley Meulens. That’s not Sabean’s M.O. midseason. All coaches are evaluated after the season, reports Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle (via Twitter).
Congratulations to Brandon Belt who has been named NL Player of the Week!! Belt hit .440 with 20 total bases, eight runs scored, two homers, three doubles and five RBI during that week span.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Anthony says:

    Security personnel will now be frisking people for banana’s before every game. 😉

    Congress will work to ban banana peels but banana’s will still be legal. You just have to find another covering.

    Totally a low-class, moronic act but let’s not act like we are just soooo scandalized by one idiot and what he thinks is funny.
    Get over it people and stop hyperventilating like a 13 year old girl.

    When did we become such a society of wimps?

    With freedom comes risks. Risks of being offended. I’ll still take freedom and the risks. If someone doesn’t know how to behave that’s on them; not on all Giant fans!

    Trade Lincecum? Bite your tongue!

    How about Belt? Never would have thought he would be blossoming like this!
    I thought it would happen his 2nd yr and then I just felt it was never going to happen.

    Crawford is the one we should be talking about! No way he should be hitting 8th; he’s where he belongs at 2nd in the lineup.
    He’s a stud!

  • Don Evans says:

    I’m glad to see Crawford and Belt moved up in the lineup. It seems to me that Crawford is a better choice for lead off with Scutaro in the # 2 spot. I like Belt 3rd and Posey fourth and Pence 5th. I think it’s time to bring up Gary Brown and put him in CF and sit Blanco. Just some thoughts from the East Coast. Go Giants