SF Giants Rumors: Barry Bonds Giants Instructor, Giants Sign Tyler Colvin

Barry-Bonds-FlagThe Home Run King Barry Bonds is going to be in Scottsdale March 9-17 as an instructor for the San Francisco Giants. Bonds have never officially retired, but I would say showing up as a special instructor means you’re not going to get penciled in the Spring Training lineup. With that said, you sure are missed Barry!

The 49 year-old Bonds last played in September 2007. That year Bonds hit .276 with 28 homers in 126 games for the Giants.
Today the Giants signed outfielder Tyler Colvin to minor league deal. He’ll be at big league camp, and will be battling for the 5th outfield spot with Juan Perez.
Colvin had a deal in place with the Baltimore Orioles, but the Orioles backed out when they seen Colvin’s physical as it revealed that he still had back issues. The Orioles then pulled their major league offer off the table and offered Colvin a minor league deal. Colvin opted to elect for free agency instead of signing a minor league deal with the Orioles.
Colvin, 28, has proven that he has some home run pop. Colvin hit 18 homers in 2012 with the Colorado Rockies and 20 for the Chicago Cubs in 2010.
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~Steven Robles


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  • Bill Taylor says:

    The less I see of Barry Bonds, the better I like it.

    You don’t lie to Grand Juries in my book. My high school students have better excuses for their behavior than Barry did for his FELONY.

    – Bill

  • Don Evans says:

    Love him or hate him, the guy could flat hit a baseball. Before and after all the drug charges he had great hand / eye coordination. I think it will be good to have him share his hitting knowledge with the Giants. Go Giants

  • mike says:

    I think the Giants should hire Barry as their new hitting coach, he knows the strike zone better than anyone, maybe he could teach the hitters to quit swinging at balls in the dirt or above their neck because the present hitting coach isn’t doing his job, Last year late in the season one of our rookies saw 6 pitches, all balls and struck out with the bags loaded and 0 outs. I was yelling at him or my TV, unbelievable.

  • Josh Moore says:

    Good to see Barry coming back to help out the Giants. Looks the Giants are serious about returning to their winning ways of 2012. With Lincecum working out in a warehouse in the off season and Pablo Sandoval shedding a few pounds, maybe if the team can stay healthy, they can make a run against the Dodgers and the NL West.