SF Giants Rumors: Barry Bonds Reports To Giants Camp

Barry Bonds SF Giants CoachThe Home Run King Barry Bonds reported to the San Francisco Giants Spring Training camp today. This is the first time Bonds has put a Giants uniform on since his last game in 2007. He then sat down with the media for about thirty minutes to answer whatever questions they wanted to throw his way.
When asked how it felt to put the uniform back on, Bonds said “Feels really, really good.”
Bonds will be at camp for seven days to assist hitters, and let players pick his brain. When asked if he would like to eventually manage, Bonds said “I just want to see if I can get through these 7 days first.”
This isn’t Bonds first rodeo when it comes to working with big league hitters. He’s worked with Colorado Rockies‘ Dexter Fowler and Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard.
When asked about working with Brandon Belt, Bonds said “I don’t know if I can create power in someone that already has it. Belt already has power. It’s how consistent can you make it.”
If you’re wondering who the best pitcher was that Bonds ever faced was, he said it was Greg Maddux. “He was the best I’ve ever seen, the best. Ever,” said Bonds.
Bonds was asked if he should be in the Hall of Fame, “Without a doubt,” said Bonds.
The living legend did say he has one regret when it comes to the media, “The only regret is I wish we all had a better relationship,” said Bonds.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Bill Taylor says:

    The less I see and hear of this guy the better I like it.

    I have lots of respect for his talent, but not for him as a person. Which is more important, do you think? I know my answer!

    – Bill

  • I miss Barry Bonds! He may not have the best personality in the world but when it comes to playing baseball, he was the best player in his generation. I feel lucky and privileged that he played for us and I got to witness his hitting!

    Some day he will be honored at our Park with a statue. A #BarryBronze is coming and many fans like me are going to fight for it! Join our movement. If you want a statue buy a #BarryBronze T-shirt that will be available this year.