SF Giants Rumors – Big Money Bengie Molina, Posey

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News was able to connect with ex-Giant Bengie Molina. Molina said he hasn’t heard from the Giants about his services being requested, and doesn’t think he will be in their plans because of the way it ended there.
Molina also chimed in on the Buster Posey topic. He hopes the Giants will be “smart enough to put him at first base or third base. He’s too valuable…”
I know a lot of Giants fans are on board with that idea. Posey has been getting beat up all season behind the plate. It’s hard for a catcher to get up to the plate and focus on hitting when then have a lot of aches, pains, bumps and bruises. The Posey era behind the plate may have came to an end!

~King of Cali

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  • David says:

    Texas needed Bengie, the G’s didn’t. That’s a happy ending. Your phone may start ringing, Bengie; you’d be welcomed back and might be back in the cleanup spot.

    I remember a game won late by a Molina home run, the first home night game several years ago, pitched brilliantly by Tim Lincecum, a glimpse of his greatness to come. The players may have kept warm, but spectators were shivering in the stands, too cold to stick around for the postgame fireworks.

  • Pete Rose says:

    Bengie was a good GIANT. Ii DONOT KNOW

  • Pete Rose says:

    Bengie was a good GIANT, He did the best he could.I doubt the GIANTS will go back and try to get him back.

    Bengie is correct Buster should go to first or third when this mess is over, he is to valuable

  • Kayaker Dave says:

    I think Bengie is right. Move Buster to a position where he will get less injuries. Buster so far looks like he is injury prone. He has had way more head injuries than the average catcher. You can rationalize it as bad luck, but it also could be that he has a head that is more apt to suffer concussions.

    I hope Buster can recover, but with or without him, the Giants have an offense that is enemic, possibly the weakest in MLB. Bustor’s hard work ethic and focus will be missed, but if the Giants make the playoffs this year, it will be based on pitching! If we lost Cain or Lincecum, that would be a setback that would likely devastate our playoff chances.

  • Lunchbox says:

    I like Bengie, and appreciate all that he’s done including mentoring our pitchers. However I don’t think he is an option for catcher. I like the suggestion of bringing in Pudge Rodriguez.