SF Giants Rumors: Big Win To Stay Alive, Hunter Pence Speech

With their backs to the wall, the San Francisco Giants found a way to get the win. It wasn’t a pretty game, but I don’t think they care. Their goal yesterday was just to get to today. It was a 2-1 win over the Reds in extra innings.
Today Barry Zito gets his first playoff shot with the Giants. This is something I’m sure he’s been waiting for since he was left off the 2010 playoff roster. The ball is in your court Zito, so show everyone what you’re made of!

Outfielder Hunter Pence played with a lot of heart. He was cramping up and couldn’t even run. He still managed to keep himself in the game, and show no signs of quiting. Maybe that had to do with his speech to the team prior to the start of the game.

“Get in here, everyone get in here..look into each other eyes..now! look into each others eyes, I want one more day with you, it’s the most fun, the best team I have ever been on and no matter what happens we must not give in, we owe it to each other, play for each other, I need one more day with you guys, I need to see what Theriot will wear tomorrow, I want to play defense behind Vogelsong because he’s never been to the playoffs..play for each other not yourself, win each moment, win each inning, it’s all we have left”. – Hunter Pence

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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1 Comment

  • Anthony R says:

    Vogie came through. Pitching staff needs to get tough with these Reds; show some balls and bust them inside!

    Giants need some Viagra to get some wood in their bats. They seem totally intimidated at the plate.

    Wake up!