SF Giants Rumors: Brandon Crawford Insights On Offseason and Shortstop Rumors

With the 2012 shortstop position still available. Rumors continue to swirl and now Alex Gonzalez is linked to the San Francisco Giants. I was able to get Brandon Crawfords insights on the offseason and shortstop rumors.  

Crawford tells SF Giants Rumors  that he’s had a crazy offseason so far. He finished playing in the Arizona Fall League (AFL), and just got married this past weekend.  

“The AFL went well. With about 40 more games, the season became pretty long, but it was worth it to get those extra AB’s,” Crawford on playing in the AFL.

When he wasn’t playing in the AFL. Crawford tells me he was trying to get as much relaxation time as possible. That would be hanging out with his fiance (now wife), playing Xbox and watching TV/movies.

Crawford said he made an adjustment in his swing at the end of the 2011 season, so he has been working on keeping his same swing and approach consistent. It’s a small change in his swing, but he really likes the results and hopes to carry it into the 2012 season.

All the shortstop rumors don’t bother B-Craw, because it’s something that is out of his control. However, he does here them. He uses them as a motivating factor to drive him to work harder, because that is something that he can control.

“So I will be working as hard as I can to prove I should be the starter going into this upcoming season,” says Crawford.

~King of Cali (Steven)

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