SF Giants Rumors: Brian Wilson Is Expected Opportunities To Close


Steven Robles interviewing Brian Wilson at Media Day (Feb 2012).

It still remains to be seen if Brian Wilson will have a change of heart and return to the San Francisco Giants or if he will look to continue his career elsewhere.
Buster Olney of ESPN.com says (via Twitter) as the market continues to play out, Wilson is expected to wind up with opportunities to be a closer. He’ll have some choices to make.

I really don’t think it’s the opportunity to be a closer that’s really going to be the deciding factor. Let’s not forget he’s coming off his second Tommy John surgery. It’s likely going to come down to who offers the most guaranteed money. I mean let’s face it, Wilson must have doubts in his mind that his arm won’t be the same.

If he re-signed with the Giants, Wilson would eventually find himself back in the closer role if he’s back to the Wilson of old. That’s no knock on Sergio Romo, but Wilson would get his job back if he’s back to his 2010 form.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    Wilson got paid $8M in 2012, and that should have set him up for life. He should have considered to retiring — as an alternative to the latest surgery. Maybe the Giants can discover improved ways to keep their pitchers healthy.

  • fast freddie says:

    Wilson is not what he tries to be…as far as I see it he should go to AAA and prove himself once more as he is once again proving himself. Two Tommy Johns is a lot to overcome.
    I say cut him loose and use the money to put towards a right handed power hitting LF. He will be missed but we have some bright lights in the minors and Romo should be able to cut it for a year or better.

  • Paul Moore says:

    The current reliever corp has 6 arms. All they need is one more. They have a few good young arms, with one not sure of name but something like Heath. I have a problem with someone who is not appreciative when someone does him well….got 8 mill for doing no pitching. What the heck, you could say “Brian you should thank them and pitch for nothing…but they are willing to give you a mill (more than most of us will make in a lifetime of good hard work) and will bump it up if you improve and by the way who paid for all the meds and rehabs.
    I am tired of those who keep putting their hands out without putting a sweat on their body…SHAME ON YOU BRIAN…WE ALL GAVE YOU LOVE AND ARE NOT GETTING IT BACK.

  • fast freddie says:

    Paul….You rock my man….I for one never was overly thrilled with Wilson. He was in the right place at the right time at all times.
    Nuff said… Time to move on and hope to land a job that will pull his sorry butt out of his numerous jams. A bottom feeder who relies on someone to “save” him.

  • JR says:

    Hey! Not so fast! Fear the Beard Brian did make it interesting a lot – and provided ample Torture on our 2010 journey – a lot – but when it came time for the key lights out “K” via one of Brians heaters, like in those playoffs and WS, we ALL rejoiced. And rejoice we did. We’re all about the team, right? Brians a power player, an All- Star caliber competitor. Let’s stay in the hunt for the guy who gave us his “all”. Let’s continue to build a good resume for an organization players will want to play for. It’s already happening.

  • fast freddie says:

    Playing mock air piano on someones head doe’s not a player make !!!Women love him and with our women owners he will be back {10 mil sounds right}…..Noticed today that Whiteside is now a Ranger after a cup of coffee with Toronto [didn’t even wet his toothbrush] Hope the Giants don’t pick him up again LOL…also see we have gotten Andres Torres back Hey we can still sign Renteria and trade Lincecum for Uribe…Hope Andres does well as it looks like thats all we will be getting for LF

  • Keep the faith. Don’t start crying before you get hurt. I think we still have a chance to resign Brian as long as he is reasonable. As for hurt pitchers, we used a total of 6 starting pitchers last year. The 6th started a total of one game. I think our training staff is doing a great job. Glad to have Andres back, he’s a hustler. He reminds me of Sucerto. Can’t wait until Spring Training. Go Giants.

  • Giantsfansouthbay says:

    I am seeing a lot of negativity towards Wilson since he wasn’t tendered. From someone who has watched almost every giants game since candlestick,’95, ( lets be realistic nobody can catch all 160 games ) Brian Wilson is the only Giant i have ever seen spend everyday he can in the dugout with his team despite being the bearer of a season ending injury. Not only was he in the dugout almost every game (not just for the playoffs like every other injured douche) He was actively a part of the team, getting people excited and being apart of the team. Despite the fact he couldn’t pitch and had every reason to sit at home like the others (F.Sanchez anyone?) he still fulfilled his off field role which probably was a contributing factor to his high salary in the first place. So here is our closer, Romo is good but Wilson is our closer, who gave us everything he had even when he had nothing to give, and did everything he could to earn his keep on the bench. People say he got paid $8 million for nothing, those people obviously aren’t real Giants fans. So look at it from Wilson’s view, hes getting stabbed in the back big time for not getting offered the same $6 million they are giving Affeldt who while good is no Wilson. Wilson has a right to be pissed.

    That said, Wilson needs to look at it from the other side. The way his teammates performed, they really don’t need him to win games. (One of my favorite giants and you best believe he puts fans in the seats but still they don’t need him to win as they proved) There is no doubt that his arm will be strong enough to pitch and no doubt that if the giants don’t give him enough money he will go somewhere else. Regardless of opinion he is an All-Star closer and there are plenty of bullpen starved teams.

    So is Wilson putting on a show? Is he trying to get more than the Giants have offered? I distinctly remember his past statements of his team loyalty and that he would rather retire than change teams. Which really makes sense he is just testing the market to get his value and then tell the giants to match or give a little more. Which they better do. Like it or not Wilson was a big part of starting this huge sold out streak. He earned the money he already made, and he will continue to put more fans in the seats.

    So regardless of whether or not he can pitch a full season, Wilson will be on a starting roster in 2013, and more than likely it will be the Giants. They have made some great off season moves to this point, they have everyone they need to make a run next year, except one of there best “locker room” guys who really is a bargain at $5-6 million.