SF Giants Rumors: Brian Wilson, Ryan Vogelsong, Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Jason Hammel and Fred Lewis

WilsonClubhouseIt’s been reported by Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports (via Twitter) that the San Francisco Giants are one of the teams interested in Brian Wilson. I’m sure the Giants do have some interest and aren’t ruling out anyone at this point. However, Wilson is looking for a closer role. With Sergio Romo currently holding the closing job here in San Francisco, I can’t see a Wilson return as a setup man. Maybe the Giants interest is just to drive up the price for other clubs. We might never know their true level of interest.
Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports (via Twitter) that the Giants are continuing a dialog with Ryan Vogelsong‘s agent. In another Schulman tweet, he says the Giants have talked to Josh Johnson‘s agent only “in passing”. Schulman also says (Twitter Links) the Giants also chatted with Ricky Nolasco‘s agent ‘in passing” as well. However, he says the Giants aren’t interested because Nolasco seeks a four year contract.
Jon Morosi of FoxSports.com (via Twitter) says sources have told him that the Giants have requested medical records for free agent starting pitcher Jason Hammel. Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com throws out a followup tweet, saying don’t go nuts every time the Giants “express interest” or “ask for medicals” on a player. They cast a wide net.
Ex-Giants outfielder Fred Lewis tells SF Giants Rumors that he’s not sure if he’s returning to Japan for another season, but he does hope to stay in the states.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Paul Moore says:

    After Wilson treated the Prez of the Giants the way he did, and how he showed no respect to a team that not only paid a full year salary and supervised his medical problems, I would say he is not welcome in OUR HOUSE. Don’t care how good he is, there is some value in being classy and humble and thankful.

  • gpbutches says:

    Fred Lewis–lmao–Johnson should be healthy an worth a look! Freddy-your days are done in the MLB. Sabean needs a bat in L.F an some damn scouts. Barr has nothing in the minors that’s ready or other clubs want. They need a change in a lot of their personal that works for them! Look at Miamis -St Louis an so on! Are minor league system is rated at the bottom! The Cards can give up 3 top players-Craig-Adams an Rosenthal for Tewluski an not miss a beat! RUMORS-Tell us about all are minor league players that other clubs are flocking [lol] for!Bad management well get you!

  • Anthony says:

    I guess “bad management” will get you 2 World Series in 3 years

  • One of the Giants big problems is its weak farm system. Instead of spending like drunken sailors on free agents, our money long term would be better spent on improving how we draft and develop players. If you look at St Louis, Oakland, Tampa Bay and a few other dam and they know how to draft and develop talent. The Giants are good at developing 1st round talent, but it gets ugly after that.

    I think the best measure of a team is how often they make the playoffs. That measures the consistency of a franchise. Do they have a formula. To win the World Series is more of who is the hot team for those 3 weeks of playoffs. The Giants in 2010 and 2012 got lucky and their is nothing wrong with getting lucky!!!! I love the Giants, but we are going to be in a touch position the next few years. The Dodgers have more talent than us, deeper pockets and unless they get injured, we are playing for a wild card spot. The Dodgers will most likely be a stronger team next year than 2013 if guys like Hanley Ramirez are healthy. To be competitive next year, we need another good pitcher and few inures! That’s what I pray for at night.

  • Swe says:

    Their scouts sign guys with “great attitudes” and are real “baseball” players. Translation: the Giant scouts avoid a lot of talented guys because they can be cocky and the Giants “don’t want that kind of problem.” So you’ve got a system full of untalented nice guys that nobody wants.
    They need to look for talent! Then, they need to sign talent! Then, if they guy doesn’t fit at least you can trade him! You can’t trade a guy hitting .260 after three years in A ball.
    It’s not that hard. Pick guys that are winners with good numbers… Sheeze. Look at the PAC 12. All league mean anything to you guys? Fill your dance card with those guys.