SF Giants Rumors: Cliff Lee Could Be On The Giants Radar

Cliff-LeeLast night didn’t go as planned for the San Francisco Giants. Cliff Lee and the Phillies pumped the brakes on the Giants six game winning streak.

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com says it’s worth the Giants’ time to pick up the phone and inquire about a possible trade for Lee. It’s not likely that the Phillies will be able to keep pace with the Braves and Nationals, so they could be interested in dumping Lee’s salary and picking up some prospects in addition.

Lee is making $25 million this year, and the next two years as well. He also has a club option for $27.5 million in 2016 ($12 million buyout).

In his career, Lee is 4-0 at AT&T Park with a 0.84 ERA (not counting the 2010 World Series). This proves that he would be a great asset to the Giants in their rotation. We are still a couple months away from the trading deadline, but it’s nice to know that Lee could be a possibility.

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~Steven Robles


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  • Paul Moore says:

    I think he would more worth the money than, hate to say it, Timmy.

  • Richard Larson says:

    No way. Why, after all we have done so far, would we start paying huge $$$ to guys that aren’t “Giants”? Keep it organic and enjoy it. If we win the W.S. AWESOME! If we have a rough season. Awesome. So far it is going good how we have it and I don’t think we should mess around. I like the idea that the Giants bring most of their guys up through their Farm System. To me, it would taint that feeling.

  • Italy says:

    The Giants Ownership will (NEVER) add that kind of money not because they can’t afford it; it’s because they want to pocket all that extra money there making now why make the team stronger ??? Were sell-out and other things no reason to add money…