SF Giants Rumors: Fontenot vs. Keppinger, Whiteside Non-Tendered, Ex-Giants Sign

The verdict is out! The San Francisco Giants have decided to sign Mike Fontenot (1-year), and non-tender Jeff Keppinger.  

From the comments left on SF Giants Rumors Facebook it sounds like a lot of fans wanted to see Keppinger back in a Giants uniform.  

Keppinger came over to the Giants (July) from the Astros (traded for Henry Sosa and Jason Stoffel). He hit a combined .277 with a .300 OBP with the Giants and Astros.  

Fontenot and Keppinger’s 2011 Giants Stats

Player 2011 Salary G AVG HR RBI R BB OBP
Fontenot 1.05 Million 85 .227 4 21 22 25 .304
Keppinger 2.3 Million 56 .255 2 15 17 8 .285

Also Non-Tendered

The Giants have also decided to non-tender catcher Eli Whiteside. It’s likely the Giants will have Chris Stewart backup Buster Posey. The Grizzlies catcher will be Hector Sanchez, so Whiteside might have to accept a backup role in Fresno if he decides to re-sign with the Giants.

Ex-Giants On The Move

The Marlins have signed Aaron Rowand to a minor league deal, and the Brewers have signed Travis Ishikawa to a minor league deal as well.

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Anthony says:

    IF Fontenot stays healthy it should work out pretty good. Kep was a good hitter but didn’t really positively affect the Giants in the lineup

  • Robert says:

    Hey, Fontenot OBP of .304 not bad for a .227 ave. We can use all the baserunners we can get. Plus when healthy, he’s a clutch little hitter.