SF Giants Rumors: Free Agency Has Begun, Latest On Vogelsong, Etc.

Photo Courtesy of Jesse Montellano

Photo Courtesy of Jesse Montellano

Today the free agent market has officially begun. Players are now free to explore all of their options and see which teams are drooling over them, or see if any team even has any interest. Some players will be getting huge paydays, and others will be kicked in the stomach with reality that their time in the MLB could be hanging by a thread by accepting minor league deals with a spring training invite.

The San Francisco Giants have already locked in outfielder Hunter Pence with a big deal (5-years, $90 million), and who knows what he would have got if he tested the free agent market. Pence had no desire to explore his options, and made it very clear that he wanted to stay in San Francisco. Tim Lincecum also decided to take the Giants up on their two-year deal ($35 million, with full no trade clause) to continue his career with the Giants.
Yesterday, the Giants declined Ryan Vogelsong‘s $6.5 million option, and he’s now getting paid a $300K buyout. Vogelsong is now going to test the free agent market and see if he gets any bites that he can’t pass up on, and the Giants will see if their paths cross or if they decide to move on with another free agent pitcher.
“Was a long month waiting on news about our future. Hard to fathom Ry anywhere else. Thanks for the immense love, best 3 years of our lives,” says Nicole Vogelsong via Twitter.
That sounds like she doesn’t think Vogelsong will be back with the Giants.
The Giants will not be in play for any starting pitchers that were given qualifying offers. This is because if the Giants were to sign one of them (Ubaldo JimenezErvin Santana and Hiroki Kuroda) the team would be giving up their first round draft pick. Every other starting pitcher in the free agent market is open game for the Giants.
2013 Giants Now Free Agents
Andres Torres
Barry Zito
Chad Gaudin
Javier Lopez
Ryan Vogelsong
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~Steven Robles
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  • Bill Taylor says:

    I don’t understand why the Giants would not sign Vogelsong (by picking up his option) as well as Lopez. I can’t really fathom the team without them. Maybe the Giants know something we don’t.

  • mike says:

    How do u not understand why the Giants didn’t pick up Vogel song’s 6.5 million $ option? By buying him out for 300 k he can test free agency if he wants or he can come back to the Giants at a lower price. The Giants are still working on a deal with him just for less money. Makes perfect sense to me. Need that extra money for another bat in the lineup.