SF Giants Rumors: Free Agent Predictions

John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle has shared his thoughts about some big free agents and their possible destinations.
Shea believes the top prize of the free agent class (Albert Pujols) will return to the Cardinals. All the big teams with money are already committed to their big name first baseman’s (Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies). If for some reason Pujols doesn’t re-sign with the Cardinals. Shea believes he will sign with the Cubs, and the San Francisco Giants would be a long shot.
The next big slugger in the free agent market is Prince Fielder and Shea (along with everyone else) thinks it’s a slim to none chance that Fielder will re-sign with the Brewers. Shea thinks the Nationals will be a team that could possibly land the big slugger, and the long shot team is the Orioles. It’s only Shea’s opinion so no need to panic Giants fans. There is still a chance the Giants could shock us, and sign the big lefty bat.

Jose Reyes is next on the list, and Shea believes there is a medium chance of Reyes re-signing with the Mets. If he goes elsewhere, Shea thinks it will be to the Red Sox, and the long shot team would be the Nationals. He doesn’t have the Giants in the mix for Reyes.

Now on to Oakland native Jimmy Rollins. Shea says the odds of him returning to the Phillies are high. If he does however end up moving on, the Giants may end up being his new team. The long shot team is the Braves.

Carlos Beltran showed he can still swing it for the Giants. It would be nice to see what he can do with Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez also in the lineup. Shea says odds of Beltran returning are medium. If he signs elsewhere, it will likely be and American League team, to make use of the designated-hitter rule.

Another name Shea links to the Giants is from across the bay, Coco Crisp. The chances of Crisp returning to the A’s are low, and the Giants need a leadoff hitter, so Shea thinks there is a good chance he could end up a Giant. The long shot team to land Crisp is the Marlins.

Lets not forget the 2010 National League Championship MVP Cody Ross. Ross has low odds of returning to the Giants, says Shea. He’s likely on his way out and a team that can land him might be the Mets. The long shot team is the Twins. If Ross hit the free agent market after last year. He would have had a lot of teams in the mix for his services, but we all know it’s a year too late.

You may want to check out the article by Shea. He has other players that he mentions, but I didn’t put them in this post as they didn’t have any relations to the Giants at this time.

~King of Cali (Steven)

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1 Comment

  • Lunchbox says:

    I haven’t seen the Shea column, but I can see that the names in the column above are the big-named FAs that will not cost just a pretty penny for the Giants.

    Wishful thinking, I hope the Giants can open their pocket book for a difference maker like a Reyes but most of these guys comes with a price (injuries or age or a long term deal for a whole lot of enchilada).

    That’s the nature of baseball, of course: take risks and hope that you get the productive player you hoped and not a lemon like a Zito or Rowand.

    This offseason will be very interesting!