SF Giants Rumors: Giants Made An Offer For Nolasco, Potential Giants On The Trade Block, Roster Update And International Signings

Credit: Steven Robles - SFGiantsBaseball.net

Credit: Steven Robles – SFGiantsBaseball.net

Joe Frisaro of MLB.com reports that the San Francisco Giants did make an offer for Marlins right-hander Ricky Nolasco. Frisaro says the Giants offered two pitching prospects, but the Giants also wanted the Marlins to eat a chunk of what’s left on Nolasco’s contract. The Marlins decided to bite on the Dodgers offer, so now Giants fans can get ready to boo Nolasco in his Dodger blue.

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says (via Sulia) the Giants are making it easy for GM Brian Sabean. If the Giants can’t go .500 on this homestand, he should start taking calls on Hunter Pence, Javier Lopez and possibly Tim Lincecum. However, if the Giants win a couple of series, then Sabean could consider parting with prospects and making another run.

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com reports (via Twitter) that infielder Joaquin Arias is on the DL with an appendectomy. In a counter move, the Giants have re-called Nick Noonan.

2013 International Signings

BaseballAmerica.com reports that the Giants have signed 16-year-old Dominican shortstop Kelvin Beltre for $650,000. Beltre shows right-handed bat speed and plays with a lot of energy. He likely will end up at another position, possibly third-base.

The Giants have also signed 16-year-old Venezuelan outfielder Mikey Edie. Edie stands out for his excellent speed and athleticism, although his bat and baseball instincts are still raw.

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~Steven Robles


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  • Paul Moore says:

    You got to keep Lopez. I would add Pablo into that mix. Think about it, why did they draft a shortstop #1. Is it that Pablo has no plate discipline, be it on the table or on the ball field. He is a wild swinger and pitchers say openly pitch him out of the zone and he swing wildly. Look at the BA…I see no future for him since he will not take care of his body nor his batting.

  • fast freddie says:

    Right on Paul…I also would like to see them dump Torres and Blanco along with Lincecum and Pablo. I caught a lot of growls on another website with my spelling and grammar which I intentionally did to see if anyone was reading my reply’s and I had a lot….good to know. I slammed the hell out of Bochy with his 7-up cup and reindeer nose. So sad he has that problem and at the end of the game all he doe’s is mumble and barely stay awake.
    One last thing…Pentz is a streak hitter and is a great RBI man he is a keeper.

  • fast freddie says:

    Top of the ninth…two Candy Maldonado Latin sliding catches, both errors…great official scorers…those two are showing where my feelings are and there must be a Latin in the official booth.

  • Italy says:

    Except for Posey,Madison,Cain every other player is dead weight…. The only problem maybe 2-3 players are worth something the rest are garbage… Trade them Sabean be smart like the Warriors front office!!!!

  • Terry says:

    here we go – typical fair weasther G fans; after 50t yrs. following them and suffering through some really hellaish years(decades), a slump, and maybe a year that is down, the cry to dump everyone is insane; it is a great team and organization and give them a chance to adjust; don’t just scream to clean house!

  • Bud Kelly says:

    These are the times you find out who the fans are……. Good time to just bring up the other first basemen and see if he can hit 20 long one’s ….. As Belt seems a little lost…. The Panda could use a kick in the ass when it comes to the strike zone..and take the dam gloves off he plays with them even when he doesn’t swing ……